One Player The Mets Should Look At

The Mets have been reeling since the all-star break and their 2012 chances are as bleak as ever. The trade deadline is just 24 hours away and as expected, the Mets have been fairly silent. Nobody expects the team to make a huge move, which is warranted due to the team’s poor play in the past two weeks. However, one move that does make sense to me is acquiring Denard Span. Hear me out on this one.

Span has always had decent plate discipline and speed, and above average defense. He fits the Mets mold and would be welcomed for his ability to bat leadoff. The Mets lack a true leadoff hitter, who can make an impact with speed, which is where Span can make a big difference. He is a 20-25 SB threat, who gets on base enough to score 100 runs on a good team. His best season came in 2009 when he had a slash of .311/.392/.415. He scored 97 R to go along with 23 SB. He’s a solid starting CF that would be under team control for two more years.

Now the question is how the Mets could get him. The Twins are in need of young talent, which is something the Mets can provide. A package including two of Domingo Tapia/Colin McHugh/Matt Den Dekker could get the job done. If the Twins are looking more for a major league bat, then Daniel Murphy makes sense in a trade. The Mets then could demand the Twins to pay some of Span’s contract, which would be a big plus. I envision a lineup where the leadoff man can steal more than 10 bases a year, which is why I feel like Span would be a good fit. A 1-2 punch of Span and Tejada would pose a formidable table setting crew for David Wright and Ike Davis.

What do you think of Denard Span?