Morning Grind: There’s Still A Lot Of Baseball Left

Throughout this five game losing streak, there has been a tsunami of negativity following what was a very exciting and positive first half for the New York Mets. Yes they are in a rut in what is an awful time to do so, but that doesn’t mean in any way, shape or form that the Amazin’s are out of this race in 2012.

Last night was a pitiful, backbreaking loss. After Niese’s excellent start, Valdespin and Thole’s clutch knocks and the team in general working their tails off, the bullpen blows the game yet again. The Mets are now two games over .500, right on the brink. The last time they were only a pari of games over the .500 mark was May 19th in Toronto nearly two months ago.

However, even if the Mets get swept in this series against the Nationals, there are still 70 games left to play in 2012 after that. 44% of the season is still yet to be played, a stretch of 3% of a season worth of losses this past week hurts, but it is still just five games out of a very long 162-game season. These five games have not killed this year’s chances for the Mets. Don’t get me wrong, if they continue on this course, this will not be the case two weeks from now, they have got to pick it up.

Despite the loss, the Amazin’s showed signs that they indeed are returning to form. Jon Niese’s start was a MUCH needed performance out of the starting pitching, especially now that the Mets have a 41-year old washout going on Saturday against the Dodgers. The offense came to life once they got away from the lefty starter Ross Detwiler. Really the only part of the puzzle that wasn’t there was the bullpen, and that puzzle piece has been nowhere to be found all year. Perhaps Alderson should bring in some guys NOW to help NOW instead of kicking the tires on guys like K-Rod, who he knows he isn’t going to acquire.

This team has gone through ebbs and flows all year, and every time they get into a three or four game skid, they comeback and go on a win streak, so who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Nobody thought anything of the 2012 New York Mets when spring began. Reyes, Beltran and K-Rod were gone. Johan Santana was looking unreliable with his fragile shoulder. Wright was coming off an awful, injury riddled season. Many saw this team as easily last place, possibly with over 100 losses. Yet with resurgent years by Wright and Santana, an unprecidented season out of R.A. Dickey and a batch of AAAA players and homegrown farmhands behind them, this team has given us one hell of a ride so far. Why is it that since they hit a rough spot now that the sun is suddenly setting on this CInderella story?

The answer is simply that it is not. The Mets are a different team in 2012. You’ve heard the reasons why 1,000 times, but it’s true. They have surpassed any of our wildest aspirations for them, defying what conventional wisdom says about a team like these 2012 Mets. They have fought this hard to get to where they are now by overcoming tough stretches before.

Just because they hit a rough patch like they have in recent years when the bottom dropped out in 2011 and 2010, does that mean they are destined for the same thing this season? Maybe there’s more to this ballclub than many of you think, and hopefully the next few weeks will prove that to any whose faith has been shaken because of a string of five losses.

…Ya Gotta Believe my friends, Ya Gotta Believe.


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