MMO Fair or Foul: Time To Trade Johan Santana

Over at Mets360, Dave Groveman plays Devil’s advocate and proposes why now is the time to trade Johan Santana. I have my own thoughts on that, but first consider this:

So… perhaps the Mets should still be looking towards this season with an eye towards winning in 2013-2014.  While Johan Santana has been resurgent, it’s not exactly a given that he’s going to stay this way for long after the All-Star break, let alone into his final season.  Add to this the large chunk of change he’s owed and it’s not such a given that the Mets consider him part of their future.  Instead, the Mets could trade Santana to a team looking for pitching who might not be afraid of the price tag.

I’m pretty sure the Yankees still fall into this category.  In fact, Santana’s short-ish length to the contract makes him a cheaper option within their spectrum of money.  Johan would elevate the Yankees firmly above the Rays, Blue Jays, Orioles and Red Sox for 2012 and would give the Yankees a rotation to rival the Texas Rangers.

Who might the Yankees offer to tempt the Mets into making this deal that would basically invite Flushing to riot?  Well… I think that the Yankees would need to offer up Austin Romine and a mid-tier pitcher for the Alderson team to fathom this.  The Mets did draft a bunch of catchers and Cam Maron is coming on strong in Savannah, but the Mets don’t exactly have a plethora of catchers in the system who are close to making an impact.  The Yankees would still have Gary Sanchez.  Romine has been hurt most of the year but he’ll return later this month.  Add to Romine a mediocre MLB ready prospect like David Phelps and the Mets have enough to make eating crow palatable.

While the Mets are at it, we could also look to trade Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner and Andres Torres for prospects who might have higher ceilings than these players with more common skill sets.

Here’s the thing… I’m very skeptical about how this front office will approach this deadline. There’s a part of me that genuinely believes they’d much rather be sellers than buyers even with the Mets right in the thick of things.

Maybe I’m wrong, but so far all they’ve done is some sniffing around and feeding reporters the occasional quote suggesting that they are busy combing the market for help.

I’m an actions speak louder than words kind of guy, especially with this group who likes to keep their cards close to the vest.

On Sunday, the Mets GM told GKR that he will not make a trade unless he believed it would make a significant impact on the team and that he will not make a trade just to make an incremental improvement.

The problem with that is that impact players cost both money and quality prospects. I don’t see that happening, which leaves one to believe that the only possible outcome is no trade at all.

But I don’t know, maybe his idea of impact is the .215 batting Ramon Hernandez replacing a .165 hitting Mike Nickeas. That’s 50 points higher in batting.

As for trading Johan Santana in a season in which he gave the Mets fan base their greatest moment since the 1986 World Series? That’s a bad idea.

The Mets blogosphere might explode and it will certainly create an even bigger divide between the pro and anti Alderson factions of the fan base. Heck it may even create a divide among the players as well. It’s no secret what Dickey thought of the front office when they traded Beltran last July. Can you imagine what Dickey would say now with the Mets half a game out of the wild card?

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