Mets Ranked At 49 On Forbes’ Most Valuable Sports Franchises

Forbes released their annual top 50 Most Valuable Professional Sports Franchises today, with the Mets barely making the cut at 49th, the sixth highest baseball team behind the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies. The Texas Rangers also barely made the list at 50th.

Valuing the franchise at a cool $719 million, that is a huge step up from this past winter in which Forbes put the New York Mets at just $225 million with the Madoff lawsuit looming overhead. Now with the team not only out from that potential financial disaster, but in the thick of things in the NL pennant race and the franchises no-hitter, more fans are coming to the park and acting as a contributing factor in the tremendous boost in the club’s overall value.

Manchester United led all of sports, valued at $2.23 billion. What was even more surprising however was the fact that all 32 NFL teams made the list, showing just how much of a cash cow the National Football League is. MLB had seven teams with of course the Yankees leading at an estimated value of $1.85 billion.

These rankings and value estimations don’t mean a whole lot, but a positive sign financially for the Amazin’s.

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