Hits & Misses: Local Boys Making Noise, We Want Mike, Mets Bullpen Outperforming Rotation?

According to MetsBlog, since July 6, a span of 11 games, the Mets have pitched to a 5.99 ERA over 97 2/3 innings. Mets starting pitchers have pitched to a 6.93 ERA, the bullpen has pitched to a 4.42 ERA over that span. So yes, the worst bullpen in baseball is now out-performing our starting rotation. Not surprisingly, the Mets are 2-9 over those 11 games. Hey, you all know the deal… It was our starting pitching that carried us through what was a pretty kick-ass run all things considered. But as I’ve been saying since we first lost Gee, if we don’t find a way to continue that same level of pitching, it’s over. The losing will continue because our offense isn’t good enough to score 5+ runs per game. Wright can’t do it alone. And no, I’m not being negative, some of you just need to get real.

That said, I’m not totally against pursuing players at the deadline as long as they can help this year AND beyond. Sandy Alderson is a genius as most of you know and that concept is not over his head, right? I do love the way Alderson always says things in Lawyer-Speak. Alderson told reporters yesterday that “the presumption is we will be buyers before the deadline, but the next 7-10 days will dictate what we will actually do,” LOL, I knew ther would be a ‘but” in there somewhere.  Anyway, you all know what I’ve been saying about this, the Mets are buyers in words, but sellers in actions. The Mets needed help two weeks ago and they can hardly afford to wait 7-10 more days for it. The teams that also need help have already made moves, right now we are just passive bystanders.  Poor Terry…

The Braves are talking to the Red Sox about Jon Lester, I always loved Lester. If they get him, Wren will sign him and the Braves will start looking like they did during the Glavine/Maddux/Smoltz era. Plan B is Zack Greinke or Ryan Dempster which would be like Plan AAA+++ if the Mets were really serious about being buyers in light of the Santana and Gee setbacks. Pssst, they’re not buyers, they’re just Harvard lawyers.

Good news. Mike Baxter is getting close to a return. As soon as the Mets activate him, we’ll have a real bona-fide outfielder on the roster. Whitestone Mike went  2-for-3 with two singles, a run scored, one RBI and one walk for Double-A Binghamton last night. We could use some of that in Flushing right now. Hurry up already Mike, the team is ten games under .500 without you.

Our two untouchables, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, were very touchable this weekend as both were torched and beat up pretty good. Even the best pitchers can have a bad day, but it was ironic that they both pitched their worst performances of the season a day apart and in the midst of all this debate about each of them being ready to pitch in the majors. Ummm… No they’re not. Shake it off guys and go back out there and give it that old college try…  Uhh, high school try for you Wheels.

I got some minor stuff for you. MMO friend Cory Mazzoni was placed on the DL yesterday with a thumb injury. It’s nothing major I’ve been told. We love Cyclones pitcher John Mincone and yesterday he said he loves MMO. “Love all your work over there!” Well we love all his work too as John is one of the most impressive players and someone to keep an eye on in Brooklyn. Speaking of impressive, Steve Matz is back with a vengeance and a little bird told me that he could soon team up with fellow New Yorker Mincone where he’ll be wowing the crowds at MCU Park. That would be pretty awesome if it happens. Matz, 21, is hitting mid to high nineties on the radar gun consistently and he’s a lefty. Keep telling yourself that.

Have a great day and know that I appreciate your continued support.

Matz hopes to return healthy sometime this season.
STEVE MATZ: He’s throwing hard, and coming at ya.
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