Do You Think Reyes Regrets Joining Miami?

Jose Reyes Is Smiling A Lot Less These Days

What did Jose Reyes think was going to happen? Did he really think the Miami Marlins were not going to have another fire sale? They have one about every five years and this one seems to be right on cue. This one may not include all of their top young talent, but it will sure gut the team leaving probably just Morrison, Stanton, and Reyes.

I know Jose has to be happy he got his money, but at what price? He may never have won with the Mets, but he sure as heck is not going to win with Miami.

Not only is he going to be there as they start on another rebuilding project, but he is no longer going to be playing alongside Hanley Ramirez. I’m sure the draw of playing with a talented player such as Hanley only added to the draw of Miami this past off-season for Jose.

Last season Sandy approached Jose right in the middle of his offensive onslaught and wanted to negotiate a long term deal. Jose said he wasn’t interested in discussing it at the time and wanted to wait until the end of the season. Miami came out of nowhere with a crazy offer right out of the gate in free agency, basically knocking the Mets right out of the water.

Now only a few short months later, Jose will have to sit and watch while his new team sends all of their core players packing and starts over from scratch. I wonder if the money was worth what he will go through for the next few seasons? Only time will tell, but somehow this just seems appropriate.