Backup Catcher Seems To Be Least Of Mets Concerns

With the Mets seen as the probable last-place team in the National League East when the season began, it was a pleasant surprise to end the first half with a 46-40 record. This leaves the Mets right in the thick of the National League Wild Card race and still contending for the division.

After dropping the first three games of the second half to the Atlanta Braves, the Mets’ weakness is already glaring.

The Mets’ bullpen is statistically the worst in the majors.

Much of the talk has been about the Mets going out and acquiring a catcher, possibly Ramon Hernandez from the Colorado Rockies. Though Hernandez would be an upgrade behind the plate, their bigger need is to address the bullpen.

With still two weeks to go until the trading deadline, the Mets have an opportunity to really scout out some available arms that could be an upgrade. Matt Belisle and Brandon Lyon are among the guys that could fill a great need for the Mets in the middle innings.

It’s also key for the Mets to get Lucas Duda going in the second half. He ended the first half of the season in a terrible slump, and is now bothered by a lingering hamstring injury.

If the Mets really want to be a playoff team in 2012, the starting pitchers have to pitch like they did for most of the first half. Dickey has to get back on track, as well as Santana and Niese. Each of them have given up five or more runs in their last start. This is a trend that needs to stop if the Mets want to be towards the top of the league at the end of the season.