Alderson Has Visions Of Valdespin In Center

Earlier this week Mets GM Sandy Alderson made some very interesting comments regarding Jordany Valdespin. As a guest with Mike Francesa on WFAN Alderson made the following comments in regards to Spin’s versatility and trying to find a spot for him in the lineup.

He said ”dreaming a bit, if Valdespin could play center we might have something. “He brings athleticism, he‘s not afraid and he is versatile”.

So Sandy has dreams of Jordany Valdespin…….alright let’s not go there…..moving on.

During the interview Francesa eluded to the fact that captain Kirk might be a bit overwhelmed. Sandy didn’t necessarily agree, but the comments he made above came after the discussion about Niewenehuis which leads me to believe he has big dreams for Spin.

Valdespin was slow to arrive to the Bigs partly for his attitude, but also because he was playing shortstop and we had a guy named Reyes already manning the position. Now we are beginning to see that shortstop is probably not in his future, and not just because we may already have a core guy there in Ruben Tejada.

Terry Collins has been saying for over a month now that Valdespin is a second baseman. Right now with Murphy there and hitting pretty well Collins has tried to find places to get Jordany in the lineup.

He adds an element to this team that we’ve been lacking since Reyes and Beltran were shown the door – Speed and Athleticism. He also brings confidence, which sometimes comes off as arrogance. Does that remind you of anyone?

Sandy’s comments were very telling. Valdespin’s versatility and the fact that nobody has stepped up and grabbed hold of the centerfield job yet, has enabled the possibility for Valdespin to sneak in and grab the spot.

He has the natural skills to be a centerfielder. He is athletic and fast, and would just need some reps to grow into the position and given his youth and eagerness it shouldn’t be a problem at all. I am all for it.

Valdespin is fearless, he has swagger and his skill set is something we could really use in this lineup which is not physically gifted, and that’s being kind. Murphy, Davis, Duda and Thole are not going to be winning any foot races anytime soon.

I say force Valdespin into the lineup no matter how you have to do it. If it means replacing Murphy, then do it. If we have to sit Bay, sit him. If it requires him playing over the struggling Duda and Nieuwenhuis, then I am all for it.

Let’s see what we have in this kid and after all why wouldn’t we, especially when Spin himself says “I’m the man right now”.

If he’s the man right now then we better find a spot for him, right?