3 Up & 3 Down: The Sky Is Falling Edition

Extra, Extra, Grieve All About It!

The Los Angeles Dodgers were in town this weekend, and they wound up sweeping the hapless Mets, and putting the good guys under .500 for the first time this season. It was an awful start to the homestand especially after a 1-5 road trip to start the second half. Oh and by the way, here came the Nationals. Without further ado, here are the 3 Ups (be that as it may), and the 3 Downs from this series.

3 Up:

Jon Niese: Jon Niese comes in at number one for a real solid performance on Sunday afternoon. Niese only gave up three runs, which most times is good enough to win. Niese also handed in the only quality outing by a starter this weekend going seven innings, lasting long enough to get a few at bats and draw a walk to improve his OBP to .343 for the season!

Daniel Murphy: Murph had a four hit game on Friday night, and another on on Sunday. I don’t understand why Terry didn’t start Murph on Saturday. I like Terry, but sometimes I think he over-manages or over-thinks things. If anything, Murphy has proven to be a big league hitter and when he’s hot he can help Wright carry the offense.

The Bullpen: The bullpen, which has pretty much stunk all season, was actually pretty good on Friday and Saturday. they held the Dodgers in check, and allowed the Mets offense to come oh so close. Except of course in the twelfth inning on Sunday.

3 Down:

Johan Santana: Johan handed in another poor performance on Friday night. Saturday morning we learned that Johan has been placed on the 15 day disabled list. His arm is tired, because he was overcompensating for a sore ankle. Okay. But come on, if Johan’s ankle was sore, he should have told Terry and missed a start or two.

Miguel Batista: Well, he was designated for assignment, so we won’t kick a guy when he’s down. My only thought is he never should have ben starting in the first place.

Lack of Key Hits: The Mets got 16 hits on Sunday afternoon, but very few of them were key. That seems to have been he theme all weekend. From my armchair view, it looks like the Mets are getting away from being patient at the plate. They need to get back to that.

All right, W.B. Mason truck give away tomorrow night, T-Shirt Tuesday, and a camper’s matinee on Wednesday wind up the home trip against the Nationals. A series win before heading out west would be awesome. Until them, LGM!!

I’m Not Going Down Without A Fight….