3 Up & 3 Down: Snake Eyes Edition

The Mets were out in Arizona for a four game set against the Diamondbacks, and they leave Arizona with a split, winning the first and last games of the series. The 3 Ups for this piece were pretty to easy determine, so here we go:

Hooray For Harvey: So many times in the past we’ve seen other teams bring young pitchers up to stymie the Mets. It was great to see the Mets do that for a change. On Thursday night, the Matt Harvey era began and he was outstanding. Harvey struck out 11 in 5.1 innings. He looked like the real deal. The Kevin Burkhardt interview with harvey’s dad was great. It was a good night for the young man, and for Met fans.

Three Cheers For Ike: How about Ike Davis on Saturday night hitting three home runs? The only thing that would have been better, would have been if Ike hit the three homers Friday night, for his fan club behind home plate. Ike did hit one on Friday night, and I give Ike credit for not laughing at those guys behind home plate!

R.A. Dickey: Dickey with yet another solid outing on Sunday afternoon, and another win. What else can we possibly say about Dickey this season? He’s having a great year.

Jon Niese: Jon did not look good this weekend. Also Jon needs to keep his head during those tough innings. Jon’s biggest mistake was that ill advised throw to first base that went into the outfield allowing three runners to score. Niese is better than that, we know it, and so does he.

Jason Bay: I was almost physically ill Saturday night listening to Keith and Gary shill for Bay. they were talking about how tough Bay is, and how hard he tries. They were at a loss to explain why Bay’s numbers have fallen off. In this series Bay was 0-14. His last base hit was on July 21. It appears to me that Bay is afflicted with Ed Whitson disease, he can perform anywhere except in NYC. Maybe Sandy can find someone willing to give Bay another chance.

Jordany Valdespin: Jordany was 1-10 this series, and he has me wondering if he’s an everyday player, or just a pinch hit specialist. We’ll keep an eye on it, and see how it plays out.

It’s off to the land of Rice-A Roni, for three night games and a matinee against the Giants. Matt Harvey goes Tuesday night, meaning I’ll be tired on Wednesday morning. Until next time, Let’s Go Mets.