With 10 Games Left Until All-Star Break, What Are Your Mets Expectations?

What lies ahead for the Amazins’?

Yesterday was undoubtedly a much needed win for the Mets as they salvaged the final game of the Cubs series with a resounding 17-1 victory. But with only ten games left until the All Star break, the Mets have a tough four-game set against the Dodgers, before wrapping up the first half with three games at home with Phillies followed by three more the Cubs. Will the Mets head into the break on high or a low note? What concerns do you have?

Here’s what some of our own are thinking…

  • Dan – My main concern lies with the bullpen. Rauch has been awful lately and I have to believe that it is due to whatever injury he is trying to play through. Without him 100% and Ramon Ramirez struggling that leaves us with Parnell as our closer. I have seen him fail way too many times to try this experiment again. You go with what you’ve got, Bobby is just not cut out to be a closer. Here’s to hoping he enters the game with a lot of 3 out save chances to give him a cushion.
  • XtreemIcon – I think the Mets head in on a high note. The Dodgers have a dreadful offense without Kemp, the Phillies series is always tough, but the Mets very well could sweep the Cubs at home. I’ll sign up for 6-4, though I think 7-3 is very reasonable. My biggest concern is the bullpen. For all the reminders how how much they’ve struggled for the year, they have the sixth-best BAA over the last 30 days in the league. A lot of that is because of Francisco, who has held opposing hitters to a .206/.289/.294 line in June, He’s given up seven hits and six have been singles. For the entire year with RISP, he’s allowed a .182/.280/.209 line. Now Parnell is the closer, who has shown zero propensity to handle big innings, and it appears that for some reason Batista is replacing Parnell in the late innings. Ramirez has shown slow but steady improvement as the season wears on and Rauch has only given up five hits in all of June, but three have been home runs. The bullpen was improving until Francisco went down. I hope they can just tread water till after the break.
  • Fonzie13 – Biggest concern obviously is the bullpen. It’s been a concern going on 6 years now and seems to be getting worse. Followed by the lack of power in the lineup and finally poor defense and baserunning. Only one starter has an OPS over 800 and that’s Wright, still over 1000. Hairston is over 800 off the bench and the rest are under 800 and 700. Ike is finally over 600 but that’s still horrendous.
  • Brandon – I think the Mets will bounce back. At the same time, the obvious concern at this point is the bullpen. They are not pitching well. They have not pitched consistently and effectively. They are going to have to make a deal for a reliever if we are going to stay in the playoff hunt.
  • Joe S. – The next few days will be key to the rest of the season for this team. The inconsistent playing has been wearing thin and if it continues it could end any chances this team has for the remainder of the season. The lack of focus, especially defensivly is inexcusable. Collins has his work cut out for him.
  • Robert P. – The Mets are floundering right now. Fortunately for them, so are the Dodgers who look as though they’ll be without Kemp and Ethier for this upcoming series. Take those four games and float them on top of the six that follow against sub-.500 opponents and the Mets have every opportunity to enter the All Star Break on a high note. Whether they do remains to be seen, but our impression of the first half of the season should be tied as much to the team’s place in the standings as it is their actual record. The Mets haven’t been blown away by the rest of the NL East as many predicted. If the front office can stabilize the bullpen (whatever that means) sooner than later, the team has the starting rotation and offense necessary to make a push towards the post-season, in my opinion.
  • Satish – I’m concerned that the team could honestly compete for that last wild card spot and will not get the help it needs (in the bullpen or a RH Power bat). I think the reason ii might be too “early” to make a deal is that they are waiting for the team to fail so they can justify gutting it or not doing anything. Blah. I’m a skeptic.
  • Gregg – The Mets have proven to be a thrill ride, roller coaster of a team, I think the Mets go into the break on a hot streak. One so hot, we’re all cursing the All-Star break, because it’s going to hurt the Mets mojo. My greatest concern right now is the bullpen. The bullpen is just a complete horror and someone needs to stand up and become “the guy” coming out of the pen.
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