What The Heck Are We Waiting For?

Let it burn… We can always rebuild…

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post,says the Mets are looking outside the organization for bullpen help and are expected to be involved in trade talks for San Diego Padres closer Huston Street (how many times has his name been tied to the Mets?), Oakland A’s closer Grant Balfour, and Houston Astros starter Brett Myers.

I can just envision it now – a happy Bob Geren and Huston Street reunion.

That said, Mets assistant GM John Ricco told Davidoff that “it’s probably too early to make a move” and that the “the team willing to take on the most salary might win the player”.

General manager Sandy Alderson has repeatedly said that he is not prohibited from adding payroll and that won’t keep him from adding a player or players that he feels the team needs.

My question is why is it too early?

Are they not believing what they see when they look at their volumes and volumes of stats and find that the Mets have the worst bullpen ERA in Major League Baseball, Japanese Baseball, Dominican League Baseball, and every other Spanish speaking country in the world the enjoys our National Pastime?

Are you waiting until it’s too late so you can step in front of a mic and say that we were willing to spend if we felt the Mets had a legitimate chance to secure a playoff spot?

The White Sox didn’t wait. Based on the last four seasons I can assure you that the Phillies will not wait either, they never do.

What exactly is it that’s keeping you from undoing the lousy job you did this past winter, and adding a reliever that can actually put out a fire rather than fan or fuel the flames?

And what about a right-handed bat? Have you even considered that?

We have one of the most oddly constructed rosters I’ve ever seen in two decades. We’re carrying five middle infielders to do the job of two. We are sorely lacking some right-handed punch that this team so desperately needs.

I guess you can go on and keep waiting…

Everything has to be so damned methodical and scientific and in the meantime Rome is burning and you’re too busy trying to figure out if it’s more efficient to use water to put out the fire or a CO2 fire extinguisher.

We ain’t got all damned day here. July is right around the corner…

This genius concluded buying now always trumps waiting.
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