My Thoughts On Last Night

Well as is usually the case Day One of the First Year Player Draft was filled with surprises. Mark Appel didn’t go first, or second, or even third, we was selected with the eighth pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I don’t remember seeing too many mocks that had shortstop Carlos Correa in the number one slot do you? In fact rumors circulated that Appel was not only a sure thing for the Astros, but that he had already agreed to a deal with them. So much for sources.

Where the Mets are concerned, I can’t say I was shocked that they selected Gavin Cecchini. In fact our own Ben Yoel nailed it in his final Mock Draft which was posted here on May 31. Of course he had Courtney Hawkins off the board in his mock and I wonder if he would have put the Mets down for Hawkins if he had been on the board when the Mets selected in his mock? I’ll have to ask him.

As for me, I was shocked we took a pass on Hawkins. I keep hearing about how this front office likes to draft high ceiling guys, and I asked nine different draft aficionados who had a higher ceiling Hawkins or Cecchini, and it was unanimous for Hawkins. Then he had to go and do that back flip to rub it in.

Anyway, Cecchini looks like a good kid and comes from a baseball family which always appeals to me. He’ll never hit 30 home runs or steal 50 bases, but I’m told he can do a little bit of everything and is well rounded.

Our comp pick was a little puzzling as well and there’s some doubt as to whether he can develop into an everyday catcher among the experts and as you heard John Hart and Harold Reynolds talk about after he was selected. But we need some catchers in the system and if this was who the Mets felt offered the most promis for the organization, who am I to judge them. I’ll embrace both players and hope they can be the best they can be and exceed all expectations like I do with all Mets prospects.

I would imagine that we’ll focus on some college arms today especially given the glut of them left on the board. There’s no dramatic differences separating most of these pitchers because the cream of the crop have all been drafted and accounted for. Today will be about makeup, ability and signability. Look for the Mets to fill in the gaps on their organizational depth charts as they get ready for the start of short-season ball in a couple of weeks.

The time for draft day steals or reaches has come and gone. I don’t believe the Mets got any steals, but at least they didn’t make any wild reaches either.

I’m sure when this is over there will be a conference call with DePo and maybe even Cecchini. If you have any good questions you’d like to have me ask them, leave them on this thread.

Yesterday, I received a few updates on Evans and Nimmo and I’m setting up a call with one of the agents later today and will have some clear cut roles as to who will be playing where once short-season begins, so check back tomorrow sometime.

It was a great draft last night in terms of excitement, let hope the Mets hit it out of the park today. LGM!

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