Murphy Leads All 2B In Errors and Has Gone Cold At The Plate

They say a best offense is a good defense – no wait a minute – wrong sport. But where the Mets are concerned a good defense would do wonders for this team. The last two games showcased just how bad the Mets can be defensively and how quickly things can fall apart.

The poster boy for the Mets of late in this regard, has been second baseman Daniel Murphy who committed two costly errors which had a direct effect on what would lead to the inevitable outcome in last night’s loss and he knew it.

“You don’t have to look any farther than this locker here where to start with some of our poor play the last couple of days. It starts right here.”

That game could have easily been another notch in the win column for the Mets who could have regained first place, but instead they fell to fourth place with the defeat.

Murphy now leads all second baseman in the major leagues with nine errors and an MLB worst range factor and .964 fielding percentage for second base qualifiers.

I think we all expected this to be a huge work in progress for Murphy, there’s no doubt about that. But has there been any progress? Is there anything tangible that would suggest this experiment has been a success?

Bad defense isn’t always so glaring when you contribute to the team in other ways. But with Murphy still homeless and his bat considerably cooler in the last two weeks, it’s hard to ignore his defensive lapses of late.

After batting an even .300 for April and May, Murphy is batting .186 in June and is hitless in his last 14 at-bats.

Something’s gotta give here…

This is a scrappy team… A resilient team… Collins has them doing things that nobody could have expected. But this team can’t afford costly mistakes, and when they make them they almost assuredly lead to a loss. We need to tighten a few bolts and screws and reinforce some of the most fundamental facets of this game, particularly on defense.

We need to play crisper out there, and I’m not singling out Murphy, this is an all hands on deck situation. I’ve seen Ike Davis go from a shining star on defense to merely average in the last month. Is the slump now affecting his glove? And what was the deal with that miscommunication when Collins ordered that appeal play last night? We cant afford to make mistakes like this and expect to main all the momentum that we’ve built through the first third of the season.

This team can win a wild card, but they have to be firing on all cylinders if they are to pull it off.




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