MMO Roundtable: Mets No-Hit Appeal, Wright or Wrong?

Well, today is decision day on the appeal that the Mets filed hoping that MLB would overturn the play that was scored a hit during R.A. Dickey’s spectacular start against the Rays.

That one hit turned out to be the only one the Rays would get that day, and the masses are split as to whether it was actually a hit or an error by third baseman David Wright, who flubbed the play by trying to bare-hand it.

The Mets appealed to Major League Baseball, contending that B. J. Upton’s first-inning infield single, which glanced off the bare hand of third baseman David Wright, should have been scored an error.

Wright was not happy when he was told about the appeal:

“That’s their decision, but it’s a little awkward when the team wants an error on its own player. Usually you’re trying to appeal to do the reverse of that.”

Ahh… Lets see what our MMO writers have to say about this latest Mets controversy.

Did the official scorer get it right when he ruled David Wright’s play on B.J. Upton in the first inning of Dickey’s one-hitter a hit? Do you think the ruling should be overturned?

XtreemIcon – I think the play was a hit whichever way Wright decided to play it. With Upton’s speed, gloving the ball and transferring would have taken too long, and missing a bare-handed catch is simply not an error. I don’t want to see it overturned.

Connor – I don’t agree with the ruling. B.J. Upton’s speed isn’t a factor on a play like that. Maybe if it was a slow roller and David had to charge hard on the ball, then I’d agree with the ruling, but not on a routine grounder. However, I don’t think the ruling should be overturned and I think it won’t be. It would cheapen (to some people) the no-no because it didn’t have the buildup, pressure, and excitement that stops so many pitchers from going all the way. Also, the experience is gone for the fans and the players themselves. Are they going to start jumping on R.A. Dickey if they hear the ruling via conference call? Probably not. I just don’t see how it would benefit anyone to change the call.

Gregg – The way baseball has been scored in recent years, the official scorer was 100% correct in the way he scored the B.J. Upton ground ball to Wright. More often than not the scorers have been giving hits, when 20 years ago they would have been scored as errors. It’s not right when dropped fly balls and hard ground balls that get misplayed go as hits instead of errors.

Joe S. – It should have been an error and the Mets need to let it go. Chaulk it up to the Baseball Gods evening things out for Johan’s no-hitter that (if you account for Beltran’s non-double) probably shouldn’t have been but was. It’s tough luck for Dickey but I bet he would agree the Force is in balance again.

Dave [Retire 31] – The original score should of been an error. Wright easily had a chance to catch the ball with his glove and throw Upton out. He tried to bare hand it and messed it up. Definite error. However, I don’t think they should or will change the scoring. It just wouldn’t feel the same, and I’m sure Dickey wouldn’t want it to change either.

Tyler – Yes, the official scorer made the right ruling. It was not a sure thing Wright would have had him at first. I like that Collins is appealing for it to be changed, but it won’t be changed.

Brandon – The way I see it, BJ Upton can fly around the basepaths. Even if David was able to barehand the groundball, Upton would have beaten it out. As much as I want to see another no-hitter, I don’t believe the commissioner’s office will overturn it. If they do, I’ll be one shocked son of a gun.

Fonzie13 – When the play happened, I immediately thought it was an error based on BJ Uptons failure to bust it out of the box (He’s a dog). So I felt Wright had time to glove it and make the throw.  No way in hell should the play be overturned. I think by appealing TC is throwing Wright under the bus. The best part of a no-hitter is the anticipation of the last two innings and the pressure which wasn’t there with a hit already on the board.

Jim – We have seen David Wright make that play (and other great plays) before. But you can’t assume a great play, just like you can’t assume a double play. It would have taken greater than normal effort to make that play, and thus the official scorer called it a base hit. I don’t have a problem with that. If Wright was the one that hit the ball, I bet he would want a hit too, claiming that there was no way a third baseman would have been able to barehand the ball and make a running throw before the runner arrived safely to first. I like that the Mets are appealing, just in case. But I don’t see this on getting overturned. Still, another gem from Dickey. Who really cares about the no-hitter, especially since the Mets now have one?

Jessep – I don’t know if he ruled correctly. It’s a home town call, scorekeepers are hired and have the right to make that call. I don’t feel it’s “obvious” one way or the other. Therefore, you leave it to the guy who has the job. I think overturning the call would be an embarrassment to the game, and to the moment. I don’t blame Terry Collins for the appeal at all though.

Now it’s time for you to weigh in… First was it a hit or an error, and second would you like to see the original ruling overturned?

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