MMO Fan Shot: Can We All Just Get Off Ike Davis’ Back Already?

It is pretty clear that everyone believes Ike Davis’ bat is hurting this team.

Admittedly the last guy you want to see come up to the plate with men on base in an important situation is Ike Davis.  And no one can deny this is true.

Many are supporting sending him down to the Minors because he is holding this team back…

Which begs the question…Holding this team back from what?

Has he held us back from contending for the Playoffs? Well….No. We are still well in the thick of things

Has he held us back from catching the Washington Nationals? Well considering we were tied with them for 1st place as recently as Two Days ago you have to say ….No.

Has his lack of hitting cost us games? Well I’m SURE it has, but truth is not anymore than our Bullpen has so far. And even if you ignore those blown games from the pen what exactly SHOULD our record be if Ike wasn’t costing this team some wins?


We are currently 5 games over .500, The Nats are 10 Games over .500 and the best team in the MLB (Dodgers) is 15 Games over .500. Is Ike’s lack of hitting the difference between us?

I know Ike has won a few for us as well in those rare times he does get a hit and despite his average he is only 2 HRs and 12 RBI behind Wright at the moment.

Has Ike really cost us 10 games? Maybe…But that’s almost half our losses and if you think Ike is responsible for half our losses than either you haven’t been watching too carefully or you think WAY too much of Ike’s hitting and ability to make up all those runs given up by our Pen.

So in the end at most what has Ike’s bad bat cost this team? The DOMINATION of the MLB?

Now sure we all would love to have that feather to stick in our Met caps but is not having it reason to complain about it?

Despite Ike’s hitting woes, this team wins games when it pitches well and doesn’t win games when when the pitching fails.

Yes, having Ike hit like he should would make up for some of that and maybe even make us the dominating team the 86ers were.

But he is not costing this team much if anything by struggling.

We are in the Playoff hunt

We are in the Division Race

We are winning games DESPITE having to carry Ike’s poor bat.

So let’s start talking about HOW to fix him instead of WHERE to fix him. The only thing Ike’s slump is preventing, is to have a much more dominating season that anything anyone of us ever predicted predicted or expected. Let him work it out.

Unless you truly believe Ike is a bust or costing this team a playoff run, I suggest we stop worrying about where he sorts himself out and worry more about him doing so. We have carried him this far and we are still playing inspired and winning baseball.

Just leave the guy alone because the more we bring it up the more pressure he is going to put on himself to the point where he DOES start costing us a playoff race and shot at the division. We haven’t given up on the Pen after two months and they DIDN’T miss a year of baseball…

No reason to give up on Ike considering he did miss that year!

Takes time to get that swing back.

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