Despite Young’s Solid Start, Late Yankee Rally Dooms Mets 4-3

Pissed off, man. We drop this one to the evil empire 4 – 3.


This is a game where the stat line will not tell the whole story – for two different reasons. One, you can dominate the opposing team for 6 innings, but you always need to be afraid of that one blip on the radar that starts the snowball effect. And two, our Amazins’ are lacking in HR power, with about 58 team HRs compared to the Yanks 110.

A certain Chris Young was thrown out to face the demons today and held his own for six innings, dominating the Yanks and allowing two hits and two walks – with no earned runs. The seventh inning (and by the way, I agree with Collins’ decision to send Young back out there), was the aforementioned blip on the radar, where Young was shocked for three runs within a span of about three minutes. A walk, a misplayed Swisher liner in right by Duda, and a line drive that barely grazed the wall in RF led to three runs right away. To be fair, the drive by Swisher was well hit, so it really was not his fault. Jon Rauch took the ball after and allowed another HR that grazed the fence to a pinch hitting Eric Chavez, but finished up the inning. It would end up being the game-winner. Byrdak and Hefner finished the game with a combined scoreless 2 IP for the Mets pitching.

We had our chances tonight and just did not capitalize – eleven men left on base for the team combined. Ivan Nova pitched effectively for the Skankees against Young today, and was victimized by an error from Rodriguez who basically booted an easy grounder. Jeter also committed an error in the game behind Nova, who allowed all three Met runs. Captain Kirk nailed a great pitch opposite field into LF for a HR, so great piece of hitting there. Thole grounded out for an unearned run for us. Chris Young rocketed a single into RF for a 2-out RBI single to put the Mets ahead 3-0…wish that lead held.

Good effort, guys.

Goat Of The Game

I blame the Skankees for everything bad that has every happened in history.


Rauch will get stuck with the loss in this one. He falls to 3 – 7.

15 damn team strikeouts for our lineup.

Murphy started over Ike today with some food poisoning. Shame.

On Deck

I really hope we pick up tomorrow night’s game, or I will explode. I hate losing a game to the Yankees. Ugh.

Dickey vs Sabathia in one of the better pitching matchups of the MLB season. 6 – 0 , 0.18 ERA and a 63/5 K/BB ratio for RAD in his last six. Game starts at 8.