Dickey One-Hitter Ruling Upheld By MLB

According to Buster Olney, the ruling by the official scorekeeper in Wednesday night’s game that kept R.A. Dickey from throwing the second no-hitter in Mets history has been upheld by Major League Baseball.

The Mets had appealed the ruling that B.J. Upton’s first inning infield single was a hit. Earlier this week, Terry Collins had said he would appeal the ruling but didn’t expect Major League Baseball to rule in his favor.

Asked if a 5 percent chance existed that the play was changed to an error on Wright, Collins said the odds would be less than that.
“You’ve got a guy who can really run and an outstanding third baseman,” Collins said. “The only way he can make the play is to barehand it. And he knows that. And he can’t make it. … David Wright knows what he’s doing. If he thinks he’s got to use his hand, then he’s got to barehand it. We’re just taking a shot. We’re just taking a stab. What the hell? What have we got to lose? Nothing. We won the game. R.A. pitched a great game. You owe it to yourself. If he catches it with the bare hand, if he makes the play, I don’t know if he’s out or not. But I know one thing — he’s really good at doing it.”

ESPN New York

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