David Wright Likely Seeking 8 Year, $150 Million Deal

It’s kind of funny in that two days ago I posted an MMO Roundtable in which we discussed how much the Mets should offer David Wright whenever both sides got around to discussing parameters.

After the game yesterday, Wright was asked about his stance that he did not want to negotiate during the season, and he pretty much said the Mets had every opportunity to talk to him before the season and “they chose not too discuss anything with me”. Now he simply wants to focus on baseball because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” during the season. He referred to the 2006 season when the Mets signed him to his current deal during the season and said “I was never comfortable with negotiating that deal during the season”.

So basically, if the Mets want to talk to him, then they’ll simply have to wait until the season ends. But getting back to my original point as to what David Wright might be worth, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says that Wright will be seeking an eight-year, $150 million contract extension. Umm… Wow…

Of course that far exceeds what Ryan Zimmerman received and is more in the range of the deals signed by Matt Kemp and Troy Tulowitzki who were both 27 when they signed their deals, not 30.

Our consensus was on MMO, that Wright should be offered around $90-$100 million in a five year deal, with a team option for a sixth year.

Original Post 6/1

Lets assume for a moment or hypothesize that the Mets will in fact make a genuine offer to David Wright whenever they deem themselves ready to do so at some point this season.

Let’s further assume that it will be a genuine offer, not a vaguely worded statement to the press about parameters that may have been done via fax, text or email and certainly not in person. A box of chocolates may or may not have also been included as part of the parameters.

I happen to believe that the Mets will make an offer to David Wright and I don’t believe for one second that they will wait until his option year to present it. It will happen this season and I would stake my reputation on it. (What little of that there may be.)

I decided to ask our staff what they thought. Here is how I posed it to them:

What is the most you think the Mets should offer David Wright?

Is he getting a Ryan Zimmerman deal?

Jim – The problem here is that other players of similar caliber to Wright have been getting mega deals. (Zimmerman, Werth, Fielder, etc.). The Mets may have to fork up the cash to pay Wright based on what the market has dictated. Maybe an eight-year, $130 million contract gets it done. That’s an average of $16.25 million per season.

Joe S. – Any deal will represent what David has MEANT to this team as any contract isn’t about what a player will do for a team. I would be comfortable with a 6 year extension in the same range as Zimmerman give or take. He should be locked up and finally the team can have a player that has spent his entire career with them.

Gregg H. – David Wright should get a Zimmerman like deal, no doubt. I think the Mets will give it to him too. The Mets have to know that letting Wright go would be the same as letting Seaver go all those years ago. Wright will be a Met for his entire career.

Jessep – Part of me has thought the Nats signed Zimmerman to that deal to set a tougher market for the Mets to re-sign Wright. Conspiracy, I know. Zimmerman is 2 years younger than Wright so I think that has to be a factor. I honestly believe Wright wants to stay here. I am looking at a 5/90 type deal right now for Wright with maybe an option for a 6th.

XtreemIcon – Wright could get a Zimmerman deal if he plays 150 games, hits .350/.450/.520 and keeps up the Gold Glove defense, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I’d love a four year deal with two option years, he probably would want six years guranteed. I would think they’d meet in the middle and guarantee five with an easily vesting option based on playing time. As far as the money, I would think the six year deal would be worth around $120 million. The guaranteed money will probably come in just under $100, like $95 mil.

Satish – Zimmerman got what, 6/100? I like 5/90 for Wright.

Fonzie13 – I would offer Wright 5 years 95 Million with an easily attainable 6th year option based on plate appearances similar to what Bay’s contract calls for.

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