David Wright: I Want To Win, And That Will Be My Deciding Factor

Some of you may have missed this revealing quote from David Wright with the distraction of the Subway Series Sweep.

Columnist Mark Hale of the New York Post, caught up with the Mets third baseman who once again made very clear that he has no desire to negotiate any contract with the Mets until the end of the season. The time for negotiating ended once the regular season started, now it’s time to focus on the team and playing baseball.

However, Wright did add a couple of interesting caveats to his mantra while speaking with Hale.

“I want to win now. I want to win years from now,” Wright told Hale. “That’s going to be my deciding factor. Not money. I’ve been extremely lucky financially. The last thing I’m worried about is my next contract. That’s the honest truth.”

He insisted his choice has “nothing to do with trying to maximize value” and said his priority is not dollars or negotiating power. Wright simply does not want to negotiate during the season because he wants to focus on the team.

“When you discuss contract, it has to be somewhat selfish,” he said. “It’s a selfish act.”

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Jayson Stark of ESPN asked and answered this question in one of his columns:

Why would David Wright re-sign with Mets?

Here is his argument:

Think about it from his end. He hasn’t played a postseason game in six years. The Mets have cut their payroll by nearly $50 million over the last two years. Their farm system was ranked No. 22 in baseball by Keith Law and 24th by Baseball America. And then there’s the business-is-business angle.

If Wright hits the free-agent market after 2013, at age 31, the only other third basemen out there will be Michael Young (at age 37), Martin Prado (just a year younger than Wright) and Mark Reynolds. Puts him in a pretty good bargaining position. Wouldn’t you say?

“It’s pretty simple,” said one longtime baseball insider. “There are almost no [star-caliber] third basemen in the game. And there will be none in the marketplace.”

All valid points.

The bottom-line is that in a few short months, we’ll all find out what really motivates Wright; Loyalty to the Mets, Winning a World Series, or the same thing as any other player, Money.

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