Wright Has Looked Like The All Star Third Baseman Of Old

Not even two months into the season, the Mets have played better then many have expected them to. At 19-14, the Mets are now one and a half games behind the first place Washington Nationals.

From Nieuwenhuis to Duda, the team has been lead by a young bunch. Though David Wright has had a rough first three seasons at Citi Field, he has seemed to have found the stroke that once made him a fixture on the all-star team.

In thirty games, Wright leads the National League in batting at a .402 clip with four home runs and twenty-one runs batted in. Above everything else, Wright has finally become a leader that the younger players have looked up to. Previously, that role fell upon veterans like Delgado and Beltran, but as the longest tenured player on the Mets everyone now looks to him.

Since the Mets moved into their new home in 2009, Wright’s numbers have decreased mainly because of the size of the ballpark and bouts with different injuries. Now with the outfield fences moved in and in great health, Wright is in the midst of what could be one of his finest seasons.

That opposite field approach that made him so successful during his years at Shea Stadium is back.

“I feel great, I think we are going to surprise some people this year.”

So far this season, the Mets have surprised a lot of people who thought they would be at the bottom of the National League by this point in the year. It is still early, but it is encouraging to see Wright playing a fantastic game with the team following in his foot steps