We Get To See The Kids Play, This Is Exactly What I Wanted

This is a year of transition for the Mets. In a year of transition the goal is to see what you have for the future as you look to build a winning team.

Some, but not all of the players who we are seeing in the lineup this season are part of the solution. The others may not be part of the problem, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to help us contend for a championship either.

This team as presently constituted is full of hungry players looking to make a name for themselves. Aside from guys like David Wright and Johan Santana, none of these players are proven. They are looking to build a career in the Majors, whether that is with the Mets or somebody else.

I am not sitting here and saying that I am happy to see some people get injured, but their absence has opened the door for some young players to showcase their talent.

The Andres Torres and Jason Bay’s injuries opened the door for us to see what we had in Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Mike Pelfrey going down may have paved the way for us to (hopefully) see some of our young arms. Now Ruben Tejada lands himself on the DL and we get to see what we have in Jordanny Valdespin.

Not all of these guys will be here next year. Their showcases now may prove they are here for he long-term, or they could intrigue some other teams who are looking to fill a certain position and may contact the Mets to try to work out a deal. Nothing but good can come from all of this and I am ecstatic to get to see what we have in our young players.

Hopefully we will get to see a lot more of them as the season goes along. Now we just need to make sure Mejia makes it back before Chris Young, because I want to see him start and not as a reliever.