Prospect Pulse: Nimmo Sighting

Nimmo Is Raking At Extended

Things have been extremely quiet on the Brandon Nimmo front this spring. Not much has been written or said about the Mets first-round draft pick from 2011, except for the occasional question regarding whether he’ll begin his season at Kingsport or Brooklyn.

Well I spoke to someone last night who has seen Nimmo play everyday this spring. During the course of an interview with Mets 2011 sixth-round pick, outfielder Joe Tuschak, I asked Joe what position player has been having the most outstanding camp so far? And this is what he had to say:

Brandon Nimmo has been absolutely raking, bunting for base-hits, hitting doubles, hitting triples, line drives all over the place. He has been hitting well this whole spring training. To start off, it was a little slow. Probably the off-season and getting back into it but the past month, month-and-a-half, he’s just been ripping the cover off the ball.

Although I am presently working to transcribe the rest of my interview with Tuschak, I felt this bit of news about Nimmo would be much welcomed by Mets fans, and therefore I am releasing this tid-bit right away. Please check back later in the week for the Joe Tuschak interview in it’s entirety. Let’s Go Mets!

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