MMO Mets Quotables: Phlying High Edition

I feel sorry for all those saps who claimed they wouldn’t go see or in some cases watch this team because of some stupid protest against the Mets owners. What about all the princes and paupers who predicted doom and gloom and falling attendance, and the seers and prophets who refused to give this Mets team a chance? What a bunch of whiny, uninformed, poor excuse for Met fans they turned out to be. Proud to be connected to a site that published no doomsday articles and in fact quite the opposite this offseason. Now as for all you real Met fans, specifically the MMO Faithful, here’s this week’s edition of Mets Quotables.

“We came in and got them at the right time and took advantage of playing hard. If something happened, there was a mistake, we capitalized on it. It was a great trip for us. We’ll enjoy it for a while and get ready for this weekend.”  ~ Terry Collins

“I feel like the last four or five games I’ve hit the ball solid. I haven’t gotten a lot of hits, but I feel there is a change happening that is for the good.” ~ Ike Davis

“I wanted to come back and contribute to this team anyway I could. The lighter bat feels better and gives me a tighter swing. It’s all part of the new approach, and I really like the whole thing.” ~ Andres Torres

“He’s a tremendous ballplayer. You can’t take from anybody, what they can do on the field. He’s played good defense, he’s hit, he’s been clutch.” ~ Andres Torres on Kirk Nieuwenhuis

“Coming in here to do that is very, very difficult. Especially with that team and to come in here and win three the way we did, it’s something to be proud of. I don’t want to get caught up in the attitude being, let’s wait until the sixth, seventh, eighth innings to go. But it’s nice to come from behind and steal a few. Or in this case, steal three of them.” ~ David Wright

“So what if we fall behind early. Who cares? We got nine innings.” ~ Justin Turner

See you after the Miami Marlins series. Lets Go Mets!