MMO Fan Shot: Ojeda Comes Down Hard On Mets Approach At Plate

SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda came down HARD on the Mets new philosophy at the plate with regard to heir approach at the plate during tonight’s Mets pre-game show.

For those that missed it, Ojeda ripped into what he called “this business of taking so many pitches” that the organization has forced the players to adopt.

It started like this after Carlin shifted the conversation to the struggling Mets offense:

Chris Carlin: Are we starting to see some trends that should have the Mets concerned right now?

Bobby O: Absolutely and part of the problem is taking strikes they’ve been taking strikes all season and they continue to take strikes and that is what leads to these numbers.

SNY posted a graphic right that showed the following:

Mets NL Rankings

  • Mets rank 9th in runs scored per game at 3.8.
  • Mets rank 5th in bases on balls with 90
  • Mets rank 1st in strikeouts with 211
  • Mets rank 16th in stolen bases with 8
  • Mets rank 10th in sac flies with 5

Ojeda followed up with:

“They lead the league in categories that, ironically, don’t generate runs. Walks score by default and they got lucky last time they were home due to a couple of bullpen implosions.”

“The reality is if you’re taking that first pitch strike, if you’re taking that called 3rd strike, if you’re taking so many strikes… It affects your situational hitting and you’re not getting good pitches to hit.”

Ojeda also remarked:

“Extra base hits are way down and why is that? Again, you’re not seeing the good pitch to hit. Most of your best pitches to hit are going to occur during the first 3 pitches. If you have a team that is averaging almost 4 pitches per AB (The Mets) that means nothing as far as scoring runs and winning ball games.”

He also said if the Mets don’t start getting aggressive, that they are going to silently fall behind on all of these offensive categories that really matter – and those are the ones that equals wins.

“You’ve got to have runs and they’re not generating them right now.”

Way to go Bobby-O!

Great job and I bet Sandy Alderson can’t be too happy hearing that.  Like I said before – these people like Alderson think they’re smarter than the game and the game of baseball is going to come back and bite them in the you know what.

Just PLAY THE GAME and SWING THE DAMNED BATS and let’s drive in some runs!

These are professional hitters and if there are any problems they should be treated individually on a case by case basis because not everybody is the same.  This business of having everybody follow the same philosophy is garbage and could actually lead to the ruin of some of our promising  young hitters.

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