If Francisco Is Removed As Closer, Parnell and Rauch Could Be Likely Candidates

After the Mets lost another frustrating game against the Marlins today, Terry Collins spoke about the possibility of removing Frank Francisco from the closer role.

“We’ll address it. I have eight options.  But, I’m not going to address that right now, when emotions are running high.”

Before I get into the whole Frank Francisco situation, I am impressed with how Terry Collins spoke openly about removing the right-hander from the closer role.  He spoke from an honest perspective, but at the same time he didn’t want to create a controversy after the game. I’m glad that he is going to at least look into the issue.

The Mets cannot afford to lose more games this way. If they are going to become a playoff contender this year, this team needs to limit mistakes and protect leads late in games.  

If Collins does decide to remove Francisco from the closer role, I would imagine relievers Jon Rauch and Bobby Parnell would get the first crack at replacing him.

Rauch has experience closing games in his career, but Parnell has worked very hard and has stepped up his performance this season to become the team’s most valuable reliever.

Parnell was given the opportunity to close last season, but struggled with control and was hit hard.

What are your thoughts?  Who would you like to see close for the Mets if Francisco is removed from the role?