If David Wright Is No. 1, Then Who’s No. 2?

Even the most casual of Mets fans could probably tell you that David Wright’s name is plastered all over the team’s all-time leader board in various categories.  If he’s not already the franchise leader in an offensive category (doubles, extra-base hits, total bases, times on base, RBI), he should be there by the end of the season (hits, runs scored).

Obviously, if Wright’s name is all over the team’s all-time record book, then it stands to reason that he is the current team leader in most, if not all, offensive categories.  But have you ever wondered which of the current Mets is second to Wright in those categories?  Well, that’s what we’re here for.

Get ready to be surprised, amazed, and in some rare cases, disgusted.  We’re about to delve into the stat book to find out which current Mets are second to David Wright on the team in a plethora of the cumulative offensive categories.  We’ll list the stat, David Wright’s current number in that stat, and follow that up with which Met would be leading the team in that category if Wright were not on the current team.

But why stop there?  Let’s add the players who are third through fifth in each category as well.  Fasten your seat belt.  It might be a bumpy ride.

David Wright might be looking up here, but it's his teammates who are looking up at him on the leader board.


Games Played:

David Wright – 1,148

Daniel Murphy – 359

Jason Bay – 233

Josh Thole – 230

Ike Davis – 227



David Wright – 4,312

Daniel Murphy – 1,208

Jason Bay – 842

Ike Davis – 801

Josh Thole – 676



David Wright – 1,308

Daniel Murphy – 354

Jason Bay – 211

Ike Davis – 202

Josh Thole – 187



David Wright – 297

Daniel Murphy – 88

Ike Davis – 45

Jason Bay – 41

Ruben Tejada – 37



David Wright – 18

Daniel Murphy – 9

Jason Bay – 7

Lucas Duda – 3

Various – 2 (Mike Baxter, Ike Davis, Scott Hairston, Josh Thole)


Home Runs:

David Wright – 188

Ike Davis – 31

Jason Bay – 21

Daniel Murphy – 20

Lucas Duda – 19

The names on the backs of those uniforms look awfully familiar. Have I seen them somewhere else?

Stolen Bases:

David Wright – 155

Jason Bay – 22

Daniel Murphy – 11

Ruben Tejada – 8

Justin Turner – 8


Runs Scored:

David Wright – 729

Daniel Murphy – 152

Jason Bay – 115

Ike Davis – 105

Ruben Tejada – 73


Runs Batted In:

David Wright – 753

Daniel Murphy – 146

Ike Davis – 115

Jason Bay – 109

Lucas Duda – 86


Bases on Balls:

David Wright – 565

Jason Bay – 106

Ike Davis – 100

Daniel Murphy – 95

Josh Thole – 75

Overheard on the pitcher's mound: "I wonder what it'll take for us to overtake David Wright on all these lists."

David Wright is everywhere on the Mets’ leader board.  But as you can see, none of the current Mets are anywhere near him in any of the offensive categories.  In fact, some players with barely more than one year experience in the major leagues rank in the top five, but they aren’t even visible in Wright’s rear view mirror.

Without a doubt, David Wright is the face of the franchise.  But can you imagine what the team would look like without him?  Who would the face of the team be among hitters?  Daniel Murphy?  Ike Davis?  Jason (gulp!) Bay?

The Mets should make every effort to sign David Wright to a contract extension.  If not, the team might be a faceless bunch for years to come.


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