How Young And Mejia Factor In Mets Starting Rotation Plans

Right now the starting pitching options are limited as the Mets look to fill the void left by Mike Pelfrey. Who would have thought we would miss Mike Pelfrey so much? Anyway, things don’t look great right now as Miguel Batista is on the DL, and Jeremy Hefner leaves you little to get excited about. But it appears things will drastically change in the coming weeks as some arms are on the way which will quickly change the landscape of the starting rotation.

We all know about Chris Young who is on the road back and is currently on a rehab assignment. He may be the first one back to get a shot at the open rotation spot, and if he is it will be a great improvement over what we have seen so far. Young has always been a very good pitcher when he is on the mound, it’s just the fact that he is always on the DL instead. I was very critical of the Mets bringing him back this season because I just didn’t see the point at the time. I wanted to bring in some other guys who weren’t injury prone, but I guess I can just eat my words now. I will just be happy he is returning so I don’t have to see the junk we have had to see man the 5th spot over the past few weeks.

Aside from Chris Young there is a much more exiting option on the horizon. His name is Jenrry Mejia, remember him? To be honest I had really forgotten about him, not really, but I was not counting on him as an option to be a possible starter this season in the Majors.

Thankfully I was wrong and the Mets brass were waiting and hoping he would be the first of the young talented arms to get a shot. He is still rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery, but all reports are that the 22-year-old is way ahead of schedule.

Mejia has made 3 starts during his rehab so far and has really impressed. He has been clocked anywhere from 91-95 with his fastball. So far in his 14 innings he has pitched to a tidy 2.57 ERA along with 11 strikeouts.

The Mets plan to evaluate Mejia after 4-6 rehab starts to see he can contribute to the Major League Club as a starting pitcher, although many still believe his future will be as a reliever.

I can’t wait to see him back in action, and I am hopeful that he can return before Chris Young does. I want to see the kids pitch. What are your thoughts?