Fred Wilpon: Wright Is “Playing Like A Superstar Right Now”

One of the last times we heard from Fred Wilpon, he was bashing the likes of Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and David Wright, calling him a “good kid” but not a “superstar”. Wilpon ate his words just one year later, speaking highly of the Mets third baseman today to reporters at City Hall shortly after the announcement of the Mets as 2013 All-Star Game hosts.

“I think he’s playing like a superstar right now,” said Wilpon on Wright’s 2012 performance, and who can argue? Through 33 games played, Wright is batting .408 with 4 homers and 21 RBIs, all the while with a broken right pinkie.

Wilpon himself is actually recuperating from a hip-replacement surgery and was walking with a cane today at the press conference but was in good spirits, an easy thing to do when your team is playing exponentially better than expected.

“I’m very pleased,” Wilpon said on his 20-16 New York Mets. “I love watching them. … I think we are headed in the right direction. I think Sandy has a plan … and we’re trying to implement that plan.”

To cap off his praise of Wright, Wilpon had this to say:

“My perception of David Wright was always one of the nicest, finest young men I’ve ever met. … This is a great young man. If I had another daughter, I’d love it if she married a David Wright.”

Perhaps Wilpon got wrapped up in the festivities with that last comment, but I think Wright would rather get a nice fat $100+ million dollar contract from old Fred than his daughter’s hand in marriage. Anyway, nice to see Wilpon eat his words after the unprovoked and uncalled for bashings of his star players last season.

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