Could The Mets Be Thinking: Trade Young Talent?

Could The Mets Be Buyers This Year?

From the comment thread on Hojo’s article today about Egbert’s recall. Metsie wrote something, and I started to respond, and then I said “what the hell.” This is a blog site. Post a blog. So here it is, with inspiration from the unsinkable Metsie, and of course Joe D. Metsie said:

There are a lot of “Fans” who don’t know anything and go solely on the BA List of prospects!
If BA doesn’t mention them then they are deemed no good and not worth having!

Of course anyone who reads Pete’s articles regularly would know that we have a lot of promising kids that are doing well and can be potential pieces in the future of this franchise…

But because they did not get a mention from Baseball America they are not worth squat to us in some people’s minds.

If your not on BA’s list your never going to amount to anything according to them!

And my response:

Thanks Metsie, you know what you made me realize? With the glut of pitching we have right now in the minor league system, you would think June and July might be a very fertile time for SA and Co. to put together an appetizing, tasty little appetizer of a package of minor league arms, for one talented young major league one. I’m not talking Matt Cain, but there must be a Pirates or an Orioles, or a Reds kinda team, that would trade away a young arm to get back three pitching prospects, and bolster their talent pool.

The Mets could be buyers, looking for building-blocks of talent for the future pretty soon.