Brew Crew Rock The Mets In 8-0 Blanking

Mets got beaten all-around tonight in an 8-0 Brewers victory.


Well, it was not Francisco tonight.

There is no nice way to say this – we just did not have it tonight. The offense bit and Collins made one really intriguing decision… Oh, Dillon Gee was not on his game either.

So the aforementioned Gee started tonight and pitched into the sixth ineffectively – allowing 8 H and 7 ER, with the main blows being two HRs by Travis Ishikawa and an RBI double by Jon Lucroy. Acosta, Carrasco, and Ramirez took over to finish off the game for the Mets. Ramirez looked sharp…probably because the game was 8-0 at that point. He struck out 5 in 2 and two thirds innings.

One of the talking points of the game was a HBP via Carrasco – he drilled Braun in the upper shoulder with a fastball after a Weeks HR and was immediately ejected.

“BurkhardtSNY: Hahahahahaha i saw that too! RT @SurfingTheMets: Not a great lip reader, but I think Carrasco said, “That was for Shyam.” That was a tweet by Kevin Burkhardt after the game talking about a possible intent for the HBP. (Thanks to Alwayzamazin for the tweet.) At first glance, I thought he had zero reason to hit Braun nor did I believe it was on purpose – it seemed to be a fastball that slipped out of his hand. Make your own decision.

Wright was removed for a pinch hitter in the bottom half of the seventh and took serious offense to it, going as far to visibly get in Collins’ face about it. Personally, I have to tip my hat to David for showing some serious life out there and I have to respect that. He was pissed about being taken out early.

Overall, the offense was dead. Wright and Baxter had doubles in this one but that was about it. Greinke blanked the Mets for 7 innings with 7 Ks. The Mets were 0-3 with RISP. Wright picked up a CS in this one – #5 for #5.

Goat Of The Game

Dillon Gee. Tough night for him and I hope he rebounds for his next start.


That Braun HBP is going to give us a lot of extra publicity.

And the D-Wright angry outburst is going to start a media frenzy. Brace yourselves.

Leave it to Ramon Ramirez to look dominant in an 8-0 disadvantage.

The booth speculated that Wright and Murphy were taken out to avoid being HBP in retaliation by the Brew Crew. Not sure what kind of message that sends… I mean, is it ok for Turner or Valdy to get drilled but god forbid Wright gets hit? I know it was 8-0 but…taking out Wright and Murphy seemed like something that gave me a bad taste all around.

I feel like we took a lot of pitches tonight. Not in terms of volume but… I mean, I believe Duda watched a fastball in his wheelhouse on 3-0 in the fourth. In a 2-0 game, you gotta swing in that spot.

On Deck

The Cincinnati Reds come into town tomorrow evening to face our ace, Johan Santana. They will counter with Mike Leake in a 7:10 pm start.