Ask Petey: What Will The Mets Look Like In 2017?

What am I doing here, on a grimy pier in lower Manhattan at 5 am? That’s a very good question. Just because I get a cryptic message from someone claiming to be JetsMets13, who says he has proof that a renegade Mets blog is conspiring to sell Mets secrets on the black market. The guy says this “rogue Mets blogger is huge”, and that everybody knows him, and that it could be me who would “bring him down.” I asked him who it is he was talking about, and what kind of “proof” did he have? He just said, “Meet me at Pier 31, at five o’clock in the morning.”

So here I am at the crack of dawn, freezing my nuts off. An hour later some guy with a Don Maynard jersey and neon green Nikes shows up. I ask him if he’s JetsMets13, and he just looks at me kinda funny, and hands me an envelope. I look down at it, squinting through the grime on my glasses, trying to decipher the childish scribble on the front. I think I can make it out, it says: “Ask Petey.” What’s this, I ask, but when I look up the character in the Jets jersey had disappeared.

It wasn’t until I was sure no one had followed me, that I tore open the envelope and peered inside. In a juvenile scrawl, this is what was written:

I do have a question for you. In 2014 when Bay, Santana and possibly Wright will be gone, what would our batting order look like? I’d really like to see who you envision in the infield and outfield. Thanks ahead of time.

I knew it! There was no conspiracy, no “rogue” Mets blogger, no black market. But there are Mets secrets, everybody knows that. And everybody knows who to go to in order to find answers to many of those Mets secrets. MMO.

Of course, it’s all starting to make sense now. What will the Mets look like in 2014? Why don’t you just ask what they will look like in 2017 while we’re at it? Hey that’s not such a bad idea…..

2014  NY METS

Catcher: Josh Thole

First Base: Ike Davis

Second Base: Reese Havens

Shortstop: Ruben Tejada

Third Base: Jefry Marte

Left-field: Wilmer Flores

Centerfield: Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Right-field: Cory Vaughn


SP1: R.A. Dickey

SP2: Matt Harvey

SP3: Jeurys Familia

SP4:  Jon Niese

SP5: Zack Wheeler


Jenrry Mejia

Josh Edgin

Bobby Parnell

Adrian Rosario

Adam Kolarek

Rob Carson

Armando Rodriguez

Better Ask Petey

2017  NY METS

Catcher: Juan Centeno

First Base: Ike Davis

Second Base: Phillip Evans

Shortstop: Ruben Tejada

Third Base: Wilmer Flores

Left-field: Travis Taijeron

Centerfield: Brandon Nimmo

Right-field: Cory Vaughn


SP1: Matt Harvey

SP2: Zack Wheeler

SP3: Jeurys Familia

SP4: Michael Fulmer

SP5: Darin Gorski


Jenrry Mejia

Josh Edgin

Adam Kolarek

Jack Leathersich

Domingo Tapia

Rafael Montero

Cory Mazzoni

I had to leave off a ton of promising prospects, guys like: Jordanny Valdespin, Matt den Dekker, Darrell Ceciliani, Wifredo Tovar, Cam Maron, Logan Verrett, Tyler Pill, Alex Panteliodis, Collin McHugh, Greg Peavey, Juan Lagares, Dustin Lawley, J.C. Gamboa, Gilbert Gomez, Akeel Morris, Marcos Camarena, T.J. Chism, Cesar Puello, Danny Muno, Chase Huchingson, Jacob DeGrom, Gonzalez Germen, Hamilton Bennett, Taylor Whitenton, Erik Goeddel, Mark Cohoon, and Elvin Ramirez.

There just weren’t enough spots to include all the players I would have liked.

Keep in mind this does not take into account any players arriving via trades, or the influx of new players to the system over the next five years, but gives you an idea of where the organization might be going, and also an insight into areas of strength and areas of need.

I hope you enjoyed taking a ride on Petey’s Mets-train-of-thought, and hopefully don’t view this as the ramblings of a madman.

If you have Mets questions that need to be answered, you’ve come to the right place. Just send an email or even ask in a comment thread like this one, and Joe D and his crackerjack staff will be getting back to you with some serious low-down.

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