2012 MLB Draft: OF David Dahl, SS Carlos Correa, C Stryker Trahan

There seems to be no shortage of names when it comes to whom the Mets will select with their first round pick next month. Can you believe it will be June in eight more days?

A few more names that I haven’t posted much about, but need to be considered, are shortstop Carlos Correa, outfielder David Dahl and catcher Stryker Trahan. The rankings and profiles are from MiLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo.

MLB Draft Guide on David Dahl:

David Dahl has above average tools across the board and can play the game.  Even after missing time during the summer due to illness, Dahl remains highly ranked by every scouting service. Dahl is advanced offensively, with a balanced level swing and quick hands.  He has good bat speed and makes consistent contact.  A line drive hitter, Dahl should add more home runs as he matures.  He is aggressive on the bases, and, with his 6.5 spped, always a threat to steal.

Dahl is one of the top defensive outfielders eligible for the 2012 draft.  He complements his speed with a legitimate plus arm. When draft day arrives, Dahl is likely to be one of the first 20 names off the board.

Baseball Prospect Nation on David Dahl:

Excellent offensive potential. Natural hitting ability with willingness to use all fields and take what’s given to him. Good strength and bat speed with projection for plus power combined with potential for averages approaching .300. Slim chance of staying in center as he fills out, but should play well on either corner with solid athleticism and good instincts. Hard worker with what scouts describe as good makeup. Good feel for the game at a young age. Tools play up in game situations because of instincts. Potential three hitter that contributes in a variety of ways. Lacks the raw athleticism of Byron Buxton but has a more natural feel for hitting and possibly more natural power. In contention to be best high school bat in the draft. Could force his way into the top five or six picks, easy top ten choice.

MLB Draft Guide on Stryker Trahan:

Stryker Trahan is a catcher with legitimate lefthanded power.  One of the things that jumps out about Stryker is the amount of athleticism he brings to the position. Trahan is known for his power and overall hitting ability.  He has a short stroke with excellent bat speed. Trahan has good plate discipline and makes solid contact consistently.  He also brings good speed to the table, running 60′s from 6.54 to 6.67.

Offense is Trahan’s calling card, but he has the tools needed to succeed at catcher, as well.  He moves well behind the plate and has a strong arm.  Reported pop times for Trahan range from 1.85 to 2.01.  Should he be needed to move from catcher in the future, right field would be his most likely landing spot. Trahan’s combination of lefthanded power and athleticism should land him in the upped half of the first round of the draft.

Baseball Prospect Nation on Stryker Trahan:

Really intriguing catching prospect with Projectable defensive tools and legit left-handed power. Good feel for the game and a hard worker. Continues to improve behind the plate. Arm is weakest defensive tool and even that will play at the position. Power offensive profile could land him fifth or sixth in the order on a good club. Some questions about his long term hitting ability, but he shows good aptitude AMD solid hands that should let his power play. Best high school catching prospect in the draft. Easy first round pick that should go in the teens.

MLB Draft Guide on Carlos Correa:

Carlos Correa was one of the players who really jumped out at me at the All-American Classic.  After researching him some more, he may be one of my favorite prospects for the 2012 draft. Correa is most known for his defense.  He is smooth and steady in the field.  Correa moves well and has a strong accurate arm that has been clocked at 97 MPH in the infield.  Should he outgrow the shortstop position, Correa would make a premium defensive third baseman.

Correa’s offense also shows great potential.  He hits from a spread stance and makes solid contact.  His hands are quick and he has good bat speed.  There is some power in his swing and there is room for more as Correa matures.  He ran a 6.79-60 over the summer. A likely first round pick in 2012, Correa is a player with plenty of potential and the work ethic to turn that potential into reality.

Baseball Prospect Nation on Carlos Correa:

Physically impressive with remaining physical projection. Still extremely young and very raw offensive player. Has strength and bat speed for power projection. Actualization of that power hinges on the development of his hitting ability which remains extremely unrefined and is the biggest question mark in his game. Believers in the bat project him as a potential .280 hitter with 15-plus home runs a year, from a premium defensive position. Some scouts are more pessimistic, wondering if he will ever hit enough to be a regular. Has defensive fundamentals to stick at shortstop, but his body may say otherwise. Very hard worker with a desire to improve and advance. High character kid that may will himself to success. Potential everyday guy that contributes across the board offensively and sticks on the left side of the infield. Good, solid player with youth and projection on his side. Teams that like him could pull the trigger as early as the middle of the first round. A strong showing in front of big league heat leading up to the draft could cement him in the first 15 picks.