Will Pelfrey Keep The Mets Rolling?

One of baseball’s most popular cliches is pitching is contagious, both good and bad. Tonight against Washington, Mike Pelfrey, who struggled during spring training  will attempt to follow up the Mets’ strong showing from its rotation in his first appearance of the season.

The Mets have been here before with Pelfrey, and your guess is as good as anybody as to how he’ll come of the game. Eventually, however, Pelfrey must confront his demeans and pitch like he’s supposed to.

For the second straight season I’ve listed Pelfrey as the one key Met, who if he turned it around could take the next step to stardom. We’ve waited for several years for Pelfrey to turn it around. It’s time for him.

Thoughts from Joe D.

I’ve been wondering the same thing about Pelfrey myself. He’s the weakest link in the rotation as far as I’m concerned, and when he takes the mound I never feel confident that we’ll win. It’s more like I hope we don’t lose. I think the players feel that way too.

But as for this hot start, give Terry Collins credit for getting this team to believe in themselves even when nobody else did. Also give credit to David Wright, Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis for instilling a sense of pride and leadership in that clubhouse.

I don’t really tweet that much, but yesterday I was compelled to post this on Twitter:

I guess I was caught up in the moment and feeling a sense of pride in our team and the young players that played key roles in the sweep of the Braves. It was good to see some of the naysayers eat some crow this weekend, including the many Mets fans who keep wanting to completely overhaul the team because they don’t think we’re good enough to win or that our young players are not good enough to be counted on. Imagine what this team could do with a little more help and support?

Finally, I’m sick and tired of having to explain again and again that MMO is first and foremost a Mets fansite. The difference between a fansite and a blog is that blogs tend to have a particular flow or philosophy or personality. A fansite is different because it completely considers the opinions and thoughts of the entire fanbase and not just a part of it. It is all inclusive and not exclusive. Someone tried to convince me that one of our writers will negatively impact our audience. Quite the contrary, in the five years this writer has been with us our traffic has increased 20% or more from the year prior. In March we set a new record with a daily average of 13,297 unique views. That’s not pageviews, that’s the number of different people that visit the site each day. It’s not the 30K+ of a MetsBlog, but I’m proud of what we have been able to achieve as an independent Mets site. We don’t suppress opinions here, nor do we advocate censorship, so if that’s the kind of Mets site you’re looking for, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve come to the wrong place.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and of course Lets Go Mets! 🙂

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