What Still Needs Fixing, What Is The Biggest Surprise So Far?

1. As you look at this team now, what still needs fixing?

The bench is weak. The team needs to continue stockpiling young talent but besides doing that they need to DEVELOP them as well. All the potential in the world means nothing if it isn’t developed well. Continue bringing in coaches at all levels with solid track records. – Joe S.

Batting Average w/RISP can always use some improvement. – Ben

The defense. Duda and Murph obviously have to play, and they will never be above avg. fielders but they have to execute the simple plays. – Will

The offense needs to step it up a little to take some pressure off our pitching staff, which already has to deal with a makeshift defense out there. – Satish

The bench i feel the team is very weak off the bench also continued improvement at 2B from Murphy. – Daniel

The starting pitching needs to rest the pen. The pen has pitched very well, but we saw on Sunday what can happen to a taxed bullpen. – XtreemIcon

Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay both still need fixing. – Gregg H.

I think that Mike Pelfrey, and Jason Bay need fixing. Although I don’t think that might even be possible. Pelfrey needs to stop throwing everything to the middle of the plate, and Bay needs to be more patient at the plate. – Brandon

Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole’s defense. Keep them working on it and they will be better. It’s just an eye sore and a headache right now. Also, Ike’s slump. But it’s still early. – Dave

It’s not necessarily a fix, but the Mets aren’t stealing bases at all this year. The Mets don’t have as much speed as they used to, but a good running game paired with how the Mets work pitchers could take this offense to the next level. – Elliot

This team has no depth. Every injury leads to chickens running around without no heads. So far we’ve gotten lucky with Nieuwenhuis. Whew. – Joe D.

2. What has been the biggest surprise of the season so far?

Personally I’m suprised at Santana’s success so far. I honestly didn’t think he’d ever pitch with any success after the shoulder injury. I’ll happily eat my words. – Joe S.

Ruben Tejada. I expected him to do a good job replacing Jose Reyes. He has exceeded all my expectations thus far. Top 20 in MLB in OBP this season. – Ben

For me it’s Ruben Tejada. I truly thought he would start slow, and forget his plate discipline. He has looked great offensively and defensively. – Will

Ike Davis’ slow start and the fact that the Marlins franchise has not imploded and been banished to the moon yet. – Satish

Tejada and how nicely he has been out of the leadoff spot in replacing Reyes. – Daniel

Right now, Johan Santana. I think that’s a given. – XtreemIcon

The biggest surprise has to be how solid the bullpen has been. – Gregg H.

The bullpen. Complete 180 from last year. I could not trust the bullpen last year, but now I can still more comfortably now this year, knowing they can keep the lead. – Dave

Ruben Tejada has been amazing. He’s not a complete surprise as his OBP from 2011 projected that he would have a successful year at the plate, however his level of play has been so much better than expectations. – Elliot

For me it’s Ruben Tejada hands down. He’s doing everything that’s been asked of him and more. – Joe D.

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