No Health Issue With Johan

Santana went just 1.1 innings tonight which was the shortest start of his career. After the 9-3 loss Terry Collins discused why he yanked his ace so early.

“Obviously he didn’t hit any of his spots. He fell behind in the count and that’s not him.”

Not health related at all as Santana just didnt have the command he had in his first two starts. He missed with his fastball up in the zone and his changeup didnt have much movement to it at all.

“It was just a rough one,” Santana said.

Though Johan did admit that this was the site where he suffered the shoulder injury on September 2, 2010.

You cant argue with why Terry did what he did. In just his third start since the injury you dont want to push Johan so early especially on a night like tonight when he just didnt have much life on his pitches.

“Nobody goes through a whole year without having a rough outing sometime,” Terry Collins said. “We hoped we didn’t have to experience this, but he’ll bounce back from it.”

Santana’s next scheduled start is Monday’s finale at Citi Field against the Giants where he will be up against Madison Bumgarner.