My Quibble With The Schedule Makers And Opening Day Word Play

This is just a quick annoyance of mine, but I had to get it off my chest.

Hey, schedule makers! I have a bone to pick with you. I am this close to challenging you all to a match at Wrestleman… Whoops. I think I will try the more traditional way of approaching this.

If you have been following the Mets schedule, you know that the Mets played the Yankees Tuesday afternoon and had to migrate down to Tampa to play them on Wednesday afternoon as well. Right after that, the Mets have to hop on a flight back to New York to play their Opening Day game against the Braves at 1:10 on Thursday.

Bear with me, I understand that is not some three stages of hell schedule. I know Spring Training is stacked with as many games as possible in a row and the managers have the ability to let their players rest, so you can see that is not my problem. The Mets start their season against Atlanta in New York, and it would have made much more sense to start their season in Atlanta because the team is already making a trip down to Tampa for the game on Wednesday. The home-and-home at the end of Spring Training is no problem for the Yankees, who start their season against the Rays in Tampa.

Yes, there are much more important concerns that should be on our minds, but I think it would have been more intelligent to start the season in Atlanta considering they had to make a little trip Monday to get back to their home field, make another trip Tuesday to get to Tampa, and then make another trip back to NYC to start an early game against the Braves – one that actually counts.

Now that I got that all out off my chest, a friend of mine emailed me asking if I was going to throw together any amusing poetry for the 2012 Opening Day. Inspiration has not struck me, but I figured I would put something small out there for fun because it will lighten the mood.

2012 Mets

Silver anniversary this time around – it’s been fifty years.

I think I can promise that this team won’t leave you in tears.

There isn’t much to say about this team that hasn’t already been said.

If we somehow won the World Series, I’d probably drop dead.


Keep cheering, keep believing, it’s really all we’ve got.

Across the city, our cross-town rivals have the oldest team money has bought.

I’ll be out there at Citi – for some games and some fun.

And no matter what, I’ll be around when the season is done.


So come one, come all, and watch these Mets again.

I’m sure you’ll find something to smile about – at least once every now and then.