MMO Roundtable: Does David Wright Deserve An Extension?

A team source told Andy Martino of the Daily News that a contract extension for David Wright is not on the “front burner” right now, but added that his gut feeling was that a new contract extension would get done.

Today, David Wright eclipsed another franchise record with his three RBI against the Braves this afternoon, tying Darryl Strawberry for the most RBI in Mets history with 733.

He already holds the franchise record for most career doubles (282) and ranks in the top 10 in nearly every major offensive category, including batting average, on-base percentage and slugging.

So do I think the Mets should sign Wright to an extension?

Absolutely… I truly believe the Mets need to act on this for several reasons:

There’s still some loose cannons out there who cant seem to move past their belief that the organization is still financially distressed. Maybe an extension for Wright will pipe them down and then Mets fans can simply focus their attention on the players on the field instead of the people sitting in the owner’s box.

Let me also add that I believe there is still plenty of high caliber baseball in David Wright’s future. He continues to be among the best there is at his position, and I can see him maintaining this level for the next five years at least before a slow decline sets in. Regardless of what some may say, Wright is a leader on and off the field. The younger players all look up to him and the veterans all respect him. He desperately wants to win and he wants to do it with the team he grew up rooting for, the New York Mets. He wears his heart on his sleeve all the time and he absolutely loves this team, the city, and the fans. You don’t ever let a player like this walk away, these are the types of players you keep.

David Wright has given this team every ounce of his heart and soul and his being. He has done so through some very trying and difficult times for this team and this franchise. He has always been a ray of hope whenever things have looked bleak, and he has always projected a positive light and attitude even during some of our team’s darkest moments. I couldn’t think of a better ambassador for this team than David Wright.

In our entire fifty year history we have yet to have one All Star caliber player that spent his entire playing career with the New York Mets. I couldn’t imagine a better candidate to be our first lifelong Met than No. 5 – David Wright.

Lets get this right people…

Lets make sure David Wright retires as a New York Met and also make sure you have a coaching or front office job waiting for him when his playing days are over.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about it…

I threw this question out to the rest of my fantastic colleagues at MMO the other day, and I asked them to reply in 30 word or less. Their choice is pretty unanimous.

Should the Mets sign David Wright to a contract extension?

I’m starting to think yes, because unlike Reyes, I don’t see a viable 3B replacement. I think Tejada had as much to do with Reyes not coming back as anything else. – Jessep

Absolutely. He provides stability to this team and as the younger players mature, Wright will become more of a leader to them. I can see him signing a 5 year extension somewhere in the 70-80 million dollar range. – Joe S.

Absolutely. And they will. He is the face of the franchise and the “glue” of our lineup. He will be extended and possibly even given a “C” as honorary team captain as some have suggested. – Ben

Extend him. Extend him. Extend him. He is an elite 3B, and he carries the offense. – Will

I’ll go ahead and say yes. Niese recently got his extension, and if the organization wants to place an emphasis on rewarding home-grown players, Wright should be first. He provides above average play on both sides of the diamond. – Satish

No doubt, with Reyes gone David is the face of the franchise. They need to keep David Wright a Met long term. – Daniel

Not yet. Wright needs to earn that extension and a three-year decline and some injuries are the forefront of his identity. If he plays 145-150 games, hits .300/.400/.500 with 38 home runs, then yes, both sides should try to negotiate. But not until he proves he deserves it. Right now, he hasn’t proved it. – XtreemIcon

By all means the Mets should sign Wright. He’s not only the face of the team, but the heart & soul of the team too. If they don’t sign him, and the wheels fall off things, we’re looking at 1979 all over again. – Gregg H.

I don’t know for sure yet because its too early! Ask me again around the All-Star Break. – Brandon

Extend! He’s the leader, the captain, the reason they’re winning. All the new guys look up to him and he’s performing brilliantly. Homerun with an injured pinkie should have been the deal maker. – Dave

Yes. When Wright is on, he is a critical part of the team and this year he has clearly shown that he is also leader. – Elliot

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