MMO Mets Quotables – Opening Day Eve Edition

A new MMO feature for a new Mets season, introducing MMO Mets Quotables.

“We lost Jose. We lost Carlos. We lost Frankie Rodriguez, all very, very good players. We lost some big pieces of the puzzle. But you know what you do? You bring other people in to fill those spots. You trust them. You believe in them. Now what I’ve got to have them do is believe in themselves, because that’s where it starts. That’s the approach we take here, it starts with believing in yourself and that you can do it.” ~ Terry Collins on his approach to 2012 season.

“I think we’re out of the woods. I really do. t’s just restoring effectiveness as a pitcher. He hasn’t pitched in a long time. We’re happy with his recovery. Super happy.” ~ Dr. David Altchek on Johan Santana.

“That’s an issue for Major League Baseball, not for us. But I don’t know whether Yankees fans are happy to see a Yankee uniform or would prefer to see somebody recognizable in the uniform.” ~ Sandy Alderson on Yankees playing non-starters against Mets.

“Like most young pitchers with big stuff, it’s just a matter of consistency. He has a major league repertoire right now. In fact, it’s better than most major league starters. The difference is simply how consistently he’s able to make the ball go where he wants and do what he wants. He’s making progress and isn’t far off, and we’ll see stretches this year when he’s locked in and looking like a big leaguer.”  ~ Paul DePodesta on Zack Wheeler.

“He’ll surprise you. Listen, you’re not going to replace Jose. But I don’t think Ruben is of that mindset. Ruben is a fine shortstop. He’s a young kid who can throw, catch, who is going to hit the ball into the gap. He’s a well-rounded baseball player.” ~ Omar Minaya on Ruben Tejada.

“It’s a huge honor. I wasn’t sure going into spring training exactly where I was going to start whether it was Buffalo or Binghamton. Wally told me the whole time I had a good chance of going with him. As soon as tbey told me, I was extremely honored and happy. I’m just glad to get the season started.” ~ Matt Harvey on being named Opening Day starter for the Buffalo Bisons.

Enjoy this well produced SNY commercial on the 2012 Mets.