Mets Over/Under’s: The Home Run Edition

The Mets roster has more unknowns going into this season than any other I can recall in recent memory. We have so many guys coming back from injury, down years, and half-seasons that it is hard to get a good gauge on what these players will really do in the batter’s box this season. So let’s have a little fun with it and see what us Mets fans think will happen.

Below is a list of Mets players and some over/under’s on their home run totals for the upcoming season.

  • Ike Davis: 25
  • Lucas Duda: 20
  • David Wright: 25
  • Daniel Murphy: 15
  • Jason Bay: 15
  • Ruben Tejada: 5
  • Josh Thole: 3
  • Andres Torres: 10

I have gone back and forth all off-season trying to figure out what I think is going to happen with this group.  This group is full of untapped potential, but it’s so hard to figure out because none of us have seen any of these guys play a full season of 600 AB’s last season. Does Duda’s 10 HR’s in 300 Ab’s last year translate to 20 this season or more? Does Ike’s 19 in his rookie season, then fast start last year before getting hurt mean he has 30 HR potential? What about Murphy, does his sweet swing and moved in fences mean he will hit more home runs?

Over/Under’s are fun to discuss and debate, so take a few minutes to let us know what you think.