Mets Over/Under’s: Starting Rotation Win Totals

The Mets starting rotation has been virtually the same group over the past few seasons. Most of these starters have seen their win totals fluctuate wildly over that time. Some have had drastic drops or increases in performance and that makes it difficult to predict what you can realistically expect from them each season.

Below are some Over/Under’s on the win totals for the Mets 2012 starting rotation.

Mike Pelfrey: 11.5

Jon Niese: 10.5

Johan Santana:12.5

Dillon Gee: 11.5

R.A. Dickey: 14.5

To me it’s really hard to project which one of these guys might step up this season. Every time we think we see one of the guys from this group ready to emerge, they fall back. I don’t know if I can see any of these guys breaking the 15 win mark this season, but in baseball you never know.

Take a few minutes to make your picks for the upcoming season and let’s get the debates and discussions started.