Mets Never Saw Reyes As Longterm Investment, Cautious Wright May Be Injury Prone

Andy Martino of the Daily News may have opened up a can of worms this morning with a couple of quotes in which he matter of factly states the following:

As the Daily News reported in February, the Mets hope that Wright will justify another multi-year commitment, and remain the face of their franchise for years. The team’s outlook on Wright differs dramatically from their view last year of Jose Reyes, who most Met executives did not view as a smart long-term investment.

There has been plenty of speculation over the last 18-24 months about whether the Mets had any real interest in re-signing Jose Reyes to a longterm deal, and that any interest shown (Jose Reyes is our top priority) was merely for the PR benefit. Additionally, Alderson has been more open to discussing what was really going on behind the scenes in recent interviews, particularly one with WFAN’s Joe and Evan a week ago. Alderson admitted that there was never any type of offer made to Peter Greenberg or Jose Reyes after months of avoiding a direct answer to the question. “They were at a place where we were not prepared to go”.

He also admitted that he and his advisers discussed what the collateral damage would be and decided that any hit would be a short term one, but that in the longterm it would benefit the team. “We knew attendance would take a big hit, but we also know they would be back the sooner we would start winning again, so that is now our focus.”

Recently, some leaks have come out that the Mets were planning to bring back Reyes only on a guaranteed 3-4 year deal with other option years attached that would vest based on games played or plate appearances.

Now regarding Wright, Martino states that the Mets may be hesitant of doing anything longterm with Wright because they want to first be assured that he is not, wait for it… “injury prone”. That would mean not only riding out this season, but his 2013 option season as well.

Wright’s current issue, a fractured pinkie suffered Monday when he dove into first base ahead of a pickoff attempt, was a result of bad luck, not age (with no significant developments Thursday, the Mets will decide Friday if Wright will play or head to the disabled list).

But add this problem to last year’s fractured back, and the side muscle strain that ruined his spring training, and the new regime has simply not seen Wright play enough to decide if he is still in his prime.

Martino also matter of factly says that officials told him that are hoping Wright can eventually earn a new deal, and are “cautiously optimistic” that he will, whereas “they were skeptical of Reyes all last season.”

I recall speculating at one point after Reyes signed with the Marlins in one of my reports, that in time we’ll learn more about what transpired in the lead-up to Reyes’ departure, and it certainly seems that is exactly what we are starting to see.

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