Lets Hold Off On All The Accolades For Pelfrey

I think some Met fans are making way too much of Mike Pelfrey’s pitching performance last night. In fact he was one bad call from an ump away from being a complete disaster.

And even so, Pelfrey now owns the worst ERA on the team with a 4.76 mark. It’s familiar territory for Pelfrey who had the worst ERA last season, and again this Spring.

Pelfrey allowed 10 hits and a walk in 5.2 innings last night. Any good feelings that may have sprouted from his eight strikeouts were immediately snuffed out by his 1.94 WHIP.

Strikeouts are nice, but an out is an out, and all Pelfrey could muster was 17 total outs to go with 11 baserunners allowed. There’s nothing good at all about that.

I’m sorry, but heroic, warrior, battler and tough are not words I would use to describe Pelfrey’s performance last night. Disappointing and underwhelming would be far more suitable choices.

Pelfrey should take part of his $5.7 million dollar salary and treat Jon Rauch, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Daniel Murphy and the second base umpire last night to a really good steak dinner.