If Healthy, Who Knows What This Team Can Accomplish

Before Opening Day, there was a ton of negativity surrounding the Mets.  Regardless of the positive resolution to the Madoff lawsuit, fans and the media alike continued to be negative about the team and the Wilpons.

With the team now going into their second series of the season against the Nationals, Mets fans actually have something to be very happy about.

The Mets swept all three games against their division rivals, the Atlanta Braves.  Guys like David Wright, Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy, and Ruben Tejada all stepped up big time for the Mets.  David Wright and Lucas Duda provided the power (3 HR’s combined), while Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy did their job as table setters and got on base 12 times including plenty of key hits as well.

As for the pitching staff, Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey, and Jonathan Niese stopped the Braves dead in their tracks.  Johan provided the team with 5 shutout innings on Thursday, Dickey provided the team with 6 quality innings on Saturday, and Niese came close to making history with six no-hit innings yesterday before tiring in the seventh.

The newly revamped bullpen also did their job as Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch, and Ramon Ramirez shut down the Braves. Francisco earned a save in all three games of the series.

I understand the Mets have only played 3 games out of 162.  I understand we have a long way to go before October.  However, if this Mets team can stay healthy, who in the world knows what this team can accomplish. (Projections aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, that’s why you play the games, Joe D. says). This team performed far better than what most analysts predicted, no question about it.

Overall, if the Mets can stay healthy throughout the season, who’s to say this inspired play won’t continue? With the additional wild card spot in play this year, meaningful games in September may not be as far-fetched as we think.