Hits and Misses: Marlins Pregame Was A Disgrace, Niese Deal Is Not A Wilpon PR Move, It’s Opening Day!

Just a couple of thoughts on that bizarre Marlins pregame ceremony and the reports of a 5-year Niese extension.

What a despicable act by the Miami Marlins last night, who decided it would be a brilliant idea to wheel out the ailing boxing icon Muhammad Ali as part of their pre-game ceremonies. Sorry, but that was a terrible call, and to use someone so legendary and obviously so frail as a stage prop was uncalled for.

It was emabarrasing to see and all I could feel was outrage for the Marlins and sadness for the one they used to call “The Greatest”. Ali was supposed to throw out the first pitch, but couldn’t because of the severity of his Parkinson’s Disease, and in fact he didn’t even utter a word. It was a bad scene.

Can you believe that the same folks who predicted bankruptcy and scandal for the Wilpon family, are now spinning the recent news about a potential five-year deal for Jon Niese as a Wilpon concocted PR scheme? I’d link you, but I don’t want to stir things up. However I’m sure it wouldn’t take you long to see some of these absurd assumptions and statements after a simple search. I guess some people refuse to let this Picard/Madoff/Wilpon thing die. They insist on screaming fire when there is no smoke, mostly because they need to do some damage control on their reputations which took a devastating hit when it turned out the Wilpons will simply end up owing $6-8 million dollars in four years.

To that end, Sandy Alderson who was a guest on WFAN this morning, scoffed at his host Joe and Evan and gave them a strong rebuke when they even brought up the Mets financial situation. “This perception of the Mets financial uncertainty is mostly inaccurate and overblown. If we need to spend to add a big piece in July, we will. There’s no doubt about it. I wish people will stop harping on this financial situation which is not the big deal that some seem to think it is. The dynamic surrounding the Mets financial circumstances have improved dramatically though some still choose to be oblivious to that.”

Bottom line on Niese: It was a good move to lock up a young left-handed pitcher on the cheap. Niese has some excellent peripherals that bode well for a spike in his future performance. Nice job by SANDY ALDERSON who spoke highly of Niese when trade rumors about him abounded this Winter.

Hey, It’s Opening Day! Johan Santana is on the mound… Murphy, Wright, Davis, Bay and Duda are all in the lineup for the first time ever? I don’t seem to recall all five being on the field at the same time, do you? It’s gotta be a good sign.

I have some hopes for this team moving forward. I don’t see the gloom and doom a lot of fans are consuming themselves with. I’ve see dark days before and these are not dark days. I caused a bit of a flurry yesterday when I tweeted that this feels a lot like like 1983. Sorry to those who disagree, but that’s how I feel. The comparisons are very stark and I’m not simply talking about the fact that we now have a patient and methodical GM like Frank Cashen in Sandy Alderson. That’s not to say I agree with everything Alderson does, I don’t. I didn’t agree with everything Cashen did either.

We have a minor league system that seems to be flourishing now thanks to both Omar Minaya and Alderson. As much as some of you want to separate the two, the truth is they both have a hand in some of the exciting players that are already here or on the horizon.

Alderson affirmed quite emphatically today that the Mets have no money problems, are not restricted to a below $100 million payroll, and can spend as soon as this season if the right player came along in a trade.

Anyway, there will be plenty of time to delve deeper into this in the coming weeks, but take my word for it, one day we’ll look back at this 2012 season as the beginning of a great Mets era – just as we do when we think of 1983.

For now, just throw some hot dogs on the grill, crack open an ice cold beer or Pepsi (no alcohol for me 🙁 ), tune into SNY, and enjoy the game… 🙂

Lets Go Mets!

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