Zimmerman Says Mets Should Re-sign Wright; Johnson Questions Team’s Direction

David Wright

As we all know, David Wright’s contract technically ends this year (However, there is a option for 2013).  Speaking of Wright’s contract, Mike Puma of the New York Post spoke with Nationals 3rd Basemen Ryan Zimmerman about Wright’s contract with the Mets.  Zimmerman told Puma that the Mets should resign David Wright.

“He enjoys being here.  They gave him an opportunity, and anytime you’re a loyal person like he is, anyone who gives you an opportunity to come up and treats you well, obviously you would like to be here.”

Zimmerman was not the only person to talk about Wright’s contract.  Puma also spoke with former Mets manager (and current Nationals manager) Davey Johnson about Wright’s contract.  When asked about Wright’s contract, Johnson questioned the team’s future direction.

“What’s David Wright’s future?  Did they extend him or what are they doing?”

David Wright has had his share of career highs, as well as lows, in his career with the Mets. I agree with Ryan Zimmerman that David Wright has been very loyal to the Mets, but I wonder if that’s enough for the Mets to keep him?

I’m afraid that the team may go down the same road with Wright, as they did with Reyes.

I expect the Mets to put him on the trading block and see what players they could potentially receive in return for Wright.  If he is having a great season, then I expect his trade value to increase, and I expect him to be traded for the best players this club can get.  If he has another season of struggles and injuries, then who knows?

Wright’s future with the team is going to depend on how he performs in 2012.  If he has a great season, he’ll either be traded, or the Mets will talk about a contract.  We’ll see what happens.