Wright: It Would Be Weird Seeing Somebody Else Wear No. 8 In A Mets Uniform

Caught this quote by David Wright on ESPN who was commenting on whether the Mets should retire Gary Carter’s No. 8.

“Sure, why not? It would make sense,” Wright replied when asked if Carter’s number ought to be retired. “I don’t exactly know the numbers of his Mets career off the top of my head. He was obviously in Montreal quite a bit. But he was that missing piece when he got traded over. That’s for others to decide. As far as I’m concerned, it would be a little weird seeing somebody else wear No. 8 in a Mets uniform.”

Smart kid, that David Wright is.

Uniform no. 8 has been out of circulation on the Mets since 2002 writes Rubin, when it was last worn by coach Matt Galante.