What Should We Take From Santana’s Starts?

Johan Santana has started two games this spring, Sunday against Miami and Tuesday against St. Louis. During these starts he has pitched 4 2/3 innings, allowing 3 hits, walking 2, striking out 2, and allowing 1 unearned run.

So what do we take from this?

These were his first two starts since the 2010 season, and to me Johan looks like he’s already getting settled in and well on his way to returning to his regular form.

Although his velocity is not all the way back yet, the rest of his arsenal was in full display yesterday.

His changeup went down a bit Tuesday to compensate for the high-80s fastball, which worked well.

According to Mets.com, if it rained, he wasn’t even going to start today. That shows that they are doing everything possible to protect him and avoid any setbacks – good to see.

Of course, the big question is will Santana be ready and back to his regular self by Opening Day?

I don’t know, but so far, so good.