Supporting The Owners Vs. Supporting The Team

Let me start this off by saying, no I do not support the Wilpons. I do not feel they are good owners, and do not feel that the Mets will win a championship with them as owners. However, I do support the New York Mets. I still watch every game I can, and still root for them to succeed. I am basically urging the Wilpons to prove me wrong. You see, there is a difference between supporting the owner and supporting the team. However, quite a few fans do not realize that.

One doesn’t have to boycott the Mets to show that they don’t support the Wilpons. Just voice your opinion and let the chips fall as they may. By boycotting the Mets, you may feel that you are showing you don’t support our owners, and also that you are showing support for the team by trying to get new owners. You’re not. Boycotting the team, shows you also don’t support the team.

It is perfectly fine to voice your opinion about what you disagree with, whether it be certain players, the manager, the GM, or the owners. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see I disagree strongly with the owners, and am not afraid to voice my opinions. However, I also want the best for the Mets and root for them to win at every opportunity. Now, you don’t have to buy tickets to show you support the team, I haven’t had tickets to a game since 2009.

Just show that you really do want what’s best for the Mets, whether you believe it is with the current owners or not. Root for the team, even if you aren’t rooting for the owners.

The settlement was a big key for the Wilpons to retain possession of this team. They have shown that  they do really care about the organization, even if we don’t view it that way.

Just because you may not support the owners, it doesn’t mean you should stop supporting the team and the players.