Now Is Not The Time For Mets Fans To Overreact

Remember, it is only Spring Training. It is only March. It isn’t August or September.

Now, what do I mean by that?

It was reported this morning that David Wright had an ultrasound-guided injection of a cortisone shot.

It was also reported that Tim Byrdak will have surgery done on his meniscus.

Byrdak should only be out up to six weeks from what reports are saying, and yet Mets fans are acting like he is out for the season.

As for Wright, he could be playing by next week and he has said emphatically that if this was the regular season, he would be playing.

I like that the Mets are being cautious, and are not forcing people to play injured during Spring Training.

They are taking it step by step with Johan Santana to make sure he doesn’t get re-injured. Fans seem to be too worried that he won’t be at his regular form at all this season, but ignore the tremendous progress he continues to make.

All I am saying is that we shouldn’t be overreacting.

It is only March, and we are in Spring Training. If this was the regular season, and it was like August, then we could worry.

However, we still have a 162-game regular season left to play, as well as the rest of this Spring Training. We should just let it play out, and see how things are for Opening Day, All Star Game, August, etc., before officially tossing in the towel on the season.

The players have plenty of time left to recover from injuries, and to get back to form for this season.